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Keeping workers safe and able to work within normal ranges of motion is critical to successful performance and productivity

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In the Oklahoma City region the types of material handling jobs vary from one extreme to the other. From simple picking jobs to metal fabrication and cosmetics to oilfield service products, the need for worker safety and proper work ergonomics is the same in order to prevent injury and accidents, and to help employees work within normal ranges of motion.

Cisco-Eagle is your safety and ergonomics professional

Cisco-Eagle has built a remarkable safety and ergonomics product offering that includes safety training and safety sensor equipment, plus products that make work more ergonomic, too. We offer lifting equipment, ergonomic shelving and pick rack. We help you increase safety with motion detection equipment, safety mirrors, guard rail, and floor marking tape, and much more.

Even improving the work environment is a safety component

We even suggest products that help make the work environment more comfortable. Adding high-velocity or overhead high-volume low-speed fans to help with temperature extremes, floor mat at work stations and in areas that tend to have wet floors to prevent slips and falls as well floor cushioning to protect ankles and knees, and spill containment systems for appropriately handling hazardous materials. All these precautions make the work place a location where workers can concentrate on the work instead of heat and cold, and slippery or dangerous floors.

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