About Cisco-Eagle

Material handling, automation, and storage systems experts

Conveyor systems design

Cisco-Eagle provides solutions for the movement, storage, retrieval, control and protection of materials and products throughout their manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal. We enable clients to get the right amount of the right material to the right place at the right time in the right sequence at the right position in the right condition for the right cost in a safe manner.

Management & officers

Cisco-Eagle's guiding principles are to empower employees to make the right decisions. We utilize total quality management and open book management to guide us.

We provide value-added Life Cycle Services for distribution, manufacturing, government/military, and commercial operations.

Senior Management

  • Darein W. Gandall, President
  • Warren W. Gandall, CEO/Chairman of the Board
  • William D. Cupps, Vice President
  • S.R. Williams, CFO
  • Robert S. Hauck, Vice President/CIO
  • Chris Doyle, Director of Sales, Texas
  • James Murphy, Director of Sales, Arkansas
  • Larry Trowbridge, Director of Operations
  • Scott Stone, Director of Marketing

Culture & business practices

Cisco-Eagle practices total quality management and open book management. We believe that providing employees with information and empowering them to make the right decisions creates tremendous value for our customers.

Employee owned, managed and operated

We are an ESOP company. Employees own 70 percent of Cisco-Eagle. Every time you deal with one of us, you're talking with an owner who knows pleasing customers is going to increase the value of his or her stock. For details on our ESOP, visit our Employee ownership area.

Company history

Cisco-Eagle was founded with the incorporation of Cisco Material Handling in 1953, in Dallas, Texas, followed by Eagle Material Handling in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1970. The companies were united in common ownership in 1985, and merged into Cisco-Eagle in 1995. Detailed company history.

Partial client list

This document lists only a portion of the clients we serve throughout the United States. We have served clients worldwide for various projects and services particularly in, but not limited to, Mexico and Canada. See Cisco-Eagle Clients for more information.

Systems, Equipment, and Service

Material handling systems

See Material handling systems for detailed information.

Cisco-Eagle has cultivated one of the most advanced Material Handling Systems Integration groups in the nation. We offer a combination of personnel, processes and training that help customers get results:

  • Total System Solutions
  • Sub-System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Large Family of Vendor Partners

Technology: Fully automated computer systems and wide-area networks, with software packages including project software, AutoCAD and more. In many circumstances, we provide customers with Extranets as a central repository for project information.

Services: We provide systems engineering, detailed system design, sub-system design & integration, vendor selection, and implementation services. Implementation includes installation, software & controls, acceptance testing, management & user training, project management, facility transition planning, product slotting, and start-up support.

Controls and automation

The Cisco-Eagle Controls Team integrates a wide variety of technologies to meet your business objectives and those of your clients.

We utilize the most reliable, commercially available components and architectures, providing the latest equipment and software solutions. The result is maximum flexibility, scalability, minimum initial investment and excellent uptime. Likewise, implementing upgrades and providing support become more efficient. We provide both PC and PLC-based control systems to meet specific application requirements. We work with Visual Basic, C++, C# and J#, all within the Microsoft .NET framework. This allows for excellent functionality, including interfacing with material handling equipment and higher level information systems, robust diagnostics, system and communication monitoring, and operational statistics.

Equipment sales and service

Cisco-Eagle provides specification assistance, prompt service, outstanding fulfillment services, and competitive pricing for hundreds of material handling products and scores of manufacturers.

A highly trained, expert sales force: Our sales associates help clients identify the right size and style of equipment for the job. They engage in detailed equipment and skills training to better serve customers.

Detailed product information 24/7: Equipment is detailed in-depth with specs, drawings, animation, video, how-to guides, and pricing on our industry-leading website. The site provides data sheets, articles, and tips to help you get the most from your equipment.

Our constantly-growing online catalog features tens of thousands of meticulously detailed items.

Service and maintenance

Your material handling systems should reach and maintain optimum performance. We provide comprehensive service and maintenance for conveyors, lifts, dock levelers, and more. We offer comprehensive service, maintenance and installation services for this reason. See Cisco-Eagle Field Operations for more details.