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Life Cycle Services: All Operations can be Improved

No matter where you are in the life of your operation, we offer ways to improve and give you more control

Life Cycle Services Material Handling

If you are just starting operations - or just starting to think about an operation, we can help you optimize it.

 If you need to improve an existing operation, we have a long track record of implementing solutions mid-stream. If you're looking to make your system more reliable, more efficient, faster, safer and better, Cisco-Eagle will help you get there.

Life Cycle Services Brochure: (686 KB PDF, opens a new window).

Our Life Cycle of Services includes:

Consulting, Process Definition and Design

We create unbiased solutions and offer excellence in execution. Our distribution operations expertise is a key difference between our approach and others. We can execute what we recommend. This gives you a more seamless project cycle and a high degree of accountability.

We create value by executing projects faster than traditional consultants while delivering analysis you can trust, advice you can understand, and results you can measure.

Application Engineering, Controls, and Design Services

Cisco-Eagle designs and implements material handling systems throughout North America in a host of distribution, manufacturing, defense, and commercial operations. Each system is designed with the goal of improving throughput, accuracy, productivity, and ergonomics while growing your bottom line.

Laser focus on your objectives

We have constantly expanded our expertise, even after forty years of service. Innovation comes from experience, creativity, and the willingness to learn and improve. Our team of creative application and design professionals are experts in distribution, logistics, and order fulfillment operations. They help customers realize every ounce of operational productivity.

Project recommendations are data-driven and based on facts - what's needed? How can things improve? How can extra labor be eliminated? How can throughput be increased? We analyze your operations and business objectives and understand your operation thoroughly before we recommend a solution. We create a system design and layout that is optimized to support your goals while minimizing investment costs.

The result is a solution custom tailored to meet your needs, deliver exceptional reliability using proven technology, provide optimum system performance, and increase business profitability.

Controls & Design Services

Complete control of your material handling systems is essential.

To achieve maximum productivity, these systems must work together. Your Cisco-Eagle Controls Team integrates a wide variety of technologies to meet your business objectives and those of your clients.

We utilize the most reliable, commercially available components and architectures, providing the latest equipment and software solutions. The result is maximum flexibility and scalability, with minimum initial investment and excellent uptime. Likewise, implementing upgrades and providing support becomes more efficient. We provide both PC and PLC-based control systems to meet specific application requirements. We work with Visual Basic, C++, C# and J#, all within the Microsoft .NET framework. This allows for excellent functionality, including interfacing with material handling equipment and higher level information systems, as well as robust diagnostics, system and communication monitoring, and operational statistics.

Equipment and Service Sales

Cisco-Eagle provides specification assistance, prompt service, outstanding fulfillment services, and competitive pricing for hundreds of material handling products and scores of manufacturers. The right solution is out there, and we specialize in helping you find it.

A highly trained, expert sales force

Our sales associates are trained experts who help you identify the right size and style of equipment. They receive over forty hours of annual equipment and skills training to help them better serve customers. Our clients are loud and clear about it: in nearly a decade of customer surveys, our sales associates have scored 88% "excellent" customer ratings for technical competence and problem solving. They help clients get things done right the first time, on time, every time.

Detailed product information 24/7

Dealing with our trained, professional staff gives you a great advantage when buying equipment ranging from bins to conveyors, but we also push the boundaries when it comes to providing product information, especially on our industry-leading website, Equipment is detailed in-depth with specs, drawings, animation, video, how-to guides, and pricing. Besides that, we provide an easy online ordering system, downloadable data sheets or installation guides for many items, articles, tips and information to help you get the most from your equipment.

Our online catalog features tens of thousands of meticulously detailed items.

Automated online assistance

We provide exclusive online calculators and configuration tools, and we're adding more all the time. We can give you preliminary rack estimates and layouts and shelving prices & drawings in your browser, online with estimated pricing. You can often get more information from our website at midnight than you could calling a competitor's sales desk during the day.

Implementation Engineering, Controls, and Integration

A material handling system implementation can involve about as many moving parts as your average small city. There are often multiple shipments coming from multiple shippers on multiple time frames. This sophisticated juggling exercise includes subcontractors, manufacturers, inspectors and lists of lists of lists of what must be done and when. All of it has to be done in a precise time frame. Sound daunting? It shouldn't, not if you have Cisco-Eagle as your partner.

As a turnkey systems integrator, we offer you a single point of accountability, experienced project managers who execute the entire project seamlessly, a fully integrated solution, reliable and tested system components, and industry-leading throughput while minimizing downtime. We can implement many projects while an operation is still running. We maintain a commitment to budget and scheduling constraints while ensuring that design criteria are met or exceeded upon system commissioning.

Project management

Project management is a critical function of the systems integrator. Cisco-Eagle uses a consistent, time-proven implementation process that is extremely successful for highly complex material handling projects. A formal acceptance process follows system installation.

Post-implementation audits further support achievement of customer goals. We recognize the value and role of customer input throughout the process. Our high success rate and customer satisfaction results attest to this approach.

Systems training

Training is provided to address material handling system operations, safety, performance & metrics, and support. These can include competency exams and train-the-trainer sessions. Classes are offered on-site and off-site, or via the web. Post implementation support can include scheduled maintenance, nonscheduled maintenance, system audits, upgrades, parts, and maintenance training for customer support personnel.

Service, Maintenance and Installation

Your material handling systems should have (and maintain) optimum performance. We provide comprehensive service and maintenance for conveyors, lifts, dock levelers, and more.

Eliminate downtime, ramp up performance

Like anything mechanical, material handling equipment gets worn down by use - especially if you don't maintain it correctly. This means downtime, and you can't afford that. The good news: you can minimize downtime with preventative maintenance.

Your conveyors, lifts, dock levelers, and other material handling equipment can work better and last longer if properly maintained by expert technicians. Reliability is the key when downtime amounts to hundreds of dollars or more for every lost hour. Regular conveyor maintenance improves productivity and profitability. It not only protects your investment - it enhances the value. Unfortunately, too many companies ignore this fact. They are willing to invest time and money in expensive equipment and rarely think about how to keep it in peak operating condition. Maintenance doesn't just avoid downtime - it ramps up performance.

Supplement your maintenance crews

The first step in implementing an improved PM program is to walk
through the plant and see what is currently being done, how it is
being done, and why. We pay particular attention to warning signs
of trouble such as regular product flow stoppage, frequent and/or
serious breakdowns, and unusually long repair times. Assessing current strengths and weaknesses reveals your opportunities to improve
productivity. It's important to identify the detailed costs of current maintenance programs and compare those to expenses associated with downtime and lost revenues due to improper maintenance. We supplement your existing maintenance crews with specialized expertise, maintaining your conveyors and other material handling equipment. We offer 24- hour response times, and in most cases we respond in less than three hours.

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Service to keep your operation running full speed

When you need service, you can't wait a week to get your operation back into gear. Our technicians are on-call 24/7 to minimize the impact of unanticipated disruptions due to handling equipment failure. Typical response time is less than three hours and is often much less.

These products and services help all sizes of companies - from those who are just starting to build new facilities to those with older facilities wishing to make improvements and do more with the existing space and personnel. We believe we can help yours.