The Goals of Material Handling

What do excellent material handling operations deliver?

You should gain more control of your operations

Ultimately, Material Handling should make it easier for you to do the things you're best at doing and worrying less about the ways you store and handle things. The day's too long already; we help you shorten it.

As one customer told us, "It's about "getting home a little earlier." 

How do improvements like conveyor systems or simple storage give you control? They provide ways to do things faster, and more precisely. They help you bring order to inherently chaotic processes and facilities. Even if you've got similar solutions in place, it's not difficult to see how a well-designed update can increase your control of the way your facility works. 

The ways you can gain more control of your day-to-day processes in terms of material handling are numerous, and Cisco-Eagle can help you find the right solution.

Increase accuracy and reduce errors

We understand how difficult life can be if your operation suffers from inaccurate picking or stocking. A small margin of error can cause unacceptable problems for you and your customers.

Cisco-Eagle offers ways to improve accuracy in almost every part of your operation. If your accuracy in order picking isn't good enough, consider diverse solutions like carousels, AS/RS systems, or simple Flow Racks. In the right application, even "static" media such as  shelving or racks can be utilized to enhance your picking process and ensure things are correctly picked, packed and shipped.

The important thing is that an operation using the right methods in the right place at the right time can significantly reduce errors in its picking system. Eliminating those errors is just one step in making sure your operations are a profit center, not a cost.

Utilize your space better

Getting the most out of your facilities includes using your space wisely. Cisco-Eagle assists customers in creating layouts that utilize the "cube" to its maximum potential. Our teams work with you to create a layout that uses all the "air" in your facility to the greatest effect.

Products such as mezzanines and modular storage are often used to create more space within the same facility. But efficient space usage can come from good layout of many kinds of storage and handling components such as conveyors, racks, flow racks, and other storage systems. Designing the facility from the ground up to use its space most efficiently is one of our key customer objectives.

Adapt your operation for future growth - thinking in decades

One of the basics of good material handling systems integration is to design systems capable of growing and expanding. Long term thinking allows Cisco-Eagle to design systems that can be adapted and expanded. Even in times of rapid growth, a properly designed system can adapt to your needs. The concept is called scalability.

Many customers have sustained longtime relationships with Cisco-Eagle and seen their systems grow along with them, merge with added square footage in their facilities, and become part of a larger whole.

Reduce operational costs

Material handling systems are one of the best ways to significantly lower your operating costs. In operations with lots of SKU's, lots of picks, and lots of distance over which to move product, your material handling system can have a positive effect on almost everything you do - or a negative effect.

Good material handling systems always increase efficiency. You don't spend time looking for things, sorting, or trying to understand what has happened to your stored items. You already know, and it's a matter of execution. 

Material handling systems can reduce the number of people needed to sort, ship, handle and receive items. They can dramatically reduce the time it takes to ship a package. Companies who have to ship a high volume of packages especially understand the impact of trying to manually deal with increasing volume. Eventually, the need for automation - or the upgrade of current automation - becomes ice-clear. 

Reduce injuries and operate safer

The way you control the flow of materials in your operations will create a safer environment for everyone involved.

Material handling systems and equipment can help you eliminate opportunities for accidents and reduce the physical stress involved in people dealing with heavy and bulky items. Simply changing the flow of product in your facility can reduce those opportunities for injury.

The key is understanding the reasons accidents occur and how they can be avoided through material handling and facility layout. There are a number of safety products that can assist you.

Labor saving devices such as Lifts and Balancers can make an enormous difference by removing the need for workers to lift and manipulate large, heavy items. Using conveyor systems in the right way can remove lift trucks from your facility, which reduces the chances of collisions with either people or property. Ergonomic devices such as Safety and Antifatigue matting and line-of-sight mirrors can contribute to the goal of an overall safer work environment. Barrier products that separate people and industrial traffic such as forklifts are key to keeping workers safer.

Get your operation running fast

Sometimes - often, in fact - the priority with material handling systems is to get your facility up and running in a short timeframe. The reality of business is that you need to have your operations operational as fast as possible. It's a vital part of Gaining Control, and we excel at it. It is routine for us to install projects without disrupting operations at all. 

We understand time challenges, and we help customers meet them.  When time is an issue, we're at our best.  Cisco-Eagle has developed a world-class team of suppliers and manufacturers who understand the need to react quickly to your needs. Our teams of sales associates, customer service agents, and engineers are the reason we bring projects to reality faster now than ever before.  Complex integrated systems can be executed in less time because of the processes we use.

Keeping you operational

Cisco-Eagle offers a range of Life Cycle Services, including our Field Operations division which focuses on Service, Maintenance, Installation and Parts. We help companies who need to move and reconfigure existing equipment, install new equipment, and maintain existing equipment.

Our technicians are material handling specialists. Our knowledge of what makes conveyor and other material handling equipment tick is key to ensuring operational stability and a longer functional life for your equipment.