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Industrial Storage Carousels

Industrial carousel systems provide high density storage

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Increase productivity by bringing the parts to the pickers

Carousels store products in bins or on shelves. When an item is needed, the carousel rotates to bring the product to the picker instead of them having to navigate multiple aisles in the warehouse.

Using carousels allows you to eliminate aisles, increasing storage density. Cisco-Eagle can help you design and integrate a carousel into your operation for Dallas and the surrounding area.

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        • Hanel Vertical Lift Modules

          Vertical lift modules don't rotate like a vertical carousel. When an item is requested only that shelf is retrieved and presented to the operator. This lets you add or remove shelves in the future, which you cannot do with a rotating carousel.
        • Automated Vertical Carousels

          Automated vertical carousels save floor space and increase picking accuracy. Carousels may be integrated with your warehouse control management software. The products stored are also more secure since they are inside an enclosed unit.
        • Switch Operated Vertical Carousels

          Switch operated vertical carousels save money by eliminating the automation. The operator presses a red button on the unit until the required product rotates into place. These carousels can store spools of wire, carpet rolls, or items on shelves.
        • Horizontal Carousels

          Horizontal carousels contain shelving which is rotated to you for product picking, increasing productivity up to 600%. Horizontal carousels are popular for use in distribution operations.
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