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Wheeled cranes let you lift and transport large, heavy loads

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A crane for any job

Our local Houston experts can help you decide which size of crane you need, the type of end effector that is right for your product, and get everything installed, tested and running smoothly. We specialize in a variety of gantry cranes from the basic steel and aluminum large equipment lifts to small, portable cranes for temporary use.

Already have a gantry crane and need repairs? Our skilled service and maintenance group is specially trained to work on a variety of crane brands. We're available 24/7 for service emergencies.

E-Series Fixed Height Gantry Crane
        • Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Cranes

          Easy to transport, lightweight and adjustable with capacities up to 3 tons and a maximum of 12 feet in height. Quick to assemble and disassemble, take these cranes on-site for construction work, facility modifications, or remote lift and load work.
        • PF-Series Gantry Cranes

          Ideal crane where a permanent crane installation is not an option or where the building structure will not support jib and overhead cranes. Great under-beam heights starting at 20'.
        • E-Series Steel Gantry Cranes

          Economical and sturdy, these fixed height gantry cranes offer heavy duty steel support for light to moderate loads. A 5 ton capacity and maximum 12 foot span means you can move plenty of projects with this affordable crane.
        • E-Series Steel Adjustable Gantry Cranes

          A very affordable way to handle lifting needs, these adjustable steel gantry cranes can lift loads up to 3 tons and have a maximum available span of 11-1/2 feet. Heights up to 14 feet provide plenty of space for loads of varying sizes and configurations.
        • A-Series Steel Gantry Cranes

          With spans up to 40 ft. and capacities up to 10 tons, these fixed height steel cranes are perfect for maintenance shops, heavy lifting & transfer operations. Under beam heights up to 16 ft. Excellent way to move materials through fabrication and assembly.
        • A-Series Steel Adjustable Gantry Cranes

          Build flexibility into your operations with these adjustable height steel gantry cranes with capacities up to 10 tons and spans up to 40 feet. Be able to lift and transfer machinery components, engines and large fabrication pieces all with one crane.
        • Tripod Cranes

          Solve problems of lifting heavy loads on building roofs, at the loading dock or other external load situations. Well suited for hard floors and soft earth - smooth or uneven. Great flexibility for maintenance and repair applications.
        • 3-way Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes

          Extremely flexible in configuration and use, has 3-way adjustment, offers up to 10 tons of capacity and a truly stable A-frame design. Can be assembled in either full beam or cantilever configuration. Has adjustable height, span and tread width.
        • 3-Way Adjustable Gantry Cranes with Aluminum I-Beams

          Steel with aluminum I-beam crane offers 3-way adjustment, up to 3 tons of capacity and added stability features for sure placement. Full beam or cantilever capable. I-beam self-centers over load even on sloped surfaces.
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