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Adding a hoist system to a crane or rail system greatly increases the speed and safety level at which heavy and bulky loads can be moved around the workspace. Our local experts are here to help you identify the right hoist for the job.

Below are the more common types of hoists for industrial usage and are readily available. More customized solutions are available and our local engineers are ready to help you configure a hoist system specialized to your needs.

Hand Chain
        • Mini Pullers

          Compact in size and lightweight, Mini Puller Hoists are for quick and easy lifting of 1/4 to 1/2 ton loads in tight spaces. Sturdy Weston style brakes provide holding power as the load is lifted and lowered using a lever handle.
        • Lever Hoists

          A great compact hoist, the lever hoist is a manual chain hoist that works through a lever winch-type mechanism highly useful in construction, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding, maintenance and repair work.
        • Hand Chain Hoists

          Hand chain hoists deliver significant mechanical advantage through the use of a pull chain and reduction gears that reduce the amount of force needed to provide lift. Excellent for manufacturing and fabrication applications.
        • Low Headroom Trolley Hoists

          An economical hoist and trolley combination, the low headroom trolley hoist is also very compact and durable. It provides not only lift capabilities, but also allows movement along a beam.
        • Electric Chain Hoists

          Electric hoists lift using a powered drive shaft to turn reduction gears and raise the load. It comes with special brake features, a count hour meter, and fan cooled motor.
        • Electric Chain Hoists with Push Trolleys

          Adding a push trolley to the electric hoist gives you terrific control and flexibility in lifting and relocating a load. Through a pendant control, the hoist lifts and lowers the load.
        • Electric Chain Hoists with Geared Trolleys

          Electric hoists with geared trolleys are made for precise placement along a travel path. Once a load has been lifted, the rotation of a hand chain drives the trolley to the selected location.
        • Electric Chain Hoists with Electric Trolleys

          Electric trolley and hoist combinations provide the most efficient load handling capabilities. Powered lift and traverse along a beam. Increase handling speeds, especially for very heavy loads on long beam runs. Controls provide precision handling.
        • Air Powered Chain Hoists

          Built for reliability, harsh work conditions and repetitive lift, lower and transfer actions, air powered chain hoists handle extremely heavy loads easily and have great endurance in foundries, manufacturing assembly lines, and construction work.
        • Hoist Accessories

          Keep air hoses organized and ready for use with these hose storage cabinets that accept both pneumatic and hydraulic hose in varying sizes and length. Save time - stop having to detangle hoses.
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