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Houston Wire Partition and Security Cages

WireCrafters cages protect inventory, machinery, server equipment and valuable assets

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Houston Wire Partitions

Wire partition available in Houston:

        • Woven Wire Partition

          WireCrafters Style 840 is the industry standard when it comes to plant & warehouse security. Heavy duty 10 gauge wire woven into 2" x 1" openings that are then welded to 2" x 2" posts.
        • Welded Wire Partition

          Welded panels use 10 gauge wire that is welded at each intersection forming 2" x 2" openings. These welds make this style of partition ideal for field cutting to install around obstacles.
        • Create a Custom Sized Cage

          Combine welded wire panels, posts and doors to create your own custom sized cage.
        • Dock Door Security Cages

          These can be installed around doors in shipping/receiving areas to keep drivers contained until admitted into your facility.
        • Prisoner Holding Cells

          Used for temporary detention cells in police departments, airports, sports stadiums, and shopping malls.
        • Server and Data Center Cages

          Protect sensitive equipment and information. Server cages can be installed as standard partition or with extended posts for drop floors.
        • Locks for Security Cages

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