Industrial Shelving - Rivet, Steel, & Wire

Shelving solutions for storage, order picking, records keeping, and clean rooms

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Cisco-Eagle's large selection of shelving options:

  • Steel Shelving - Open & Closed Panels

    Also called "clipper shelving". Available with solid panels for structural stability or open sides/back if you need access from more than one side. Capacities up to 850 lbs. per shelf.
  • Boltless Rivet Shelving

    Shelves lock into place and can be fitted with a number of decking types. Capacities available up to 1,850 lbs. per shelf.
  • Records & Files Storage Shelving

    Shelves are sized and spaced to fit standard sized bankers boxes. Can be ordered with or without boxes.
  • Wire Shelving - Mobile, Stationary, with or without Bins

    Wire shelving reduces dust and increases light visibility on each shelf level. Also works well with fire prevention sprinkler systems.
  • Rotabin Rotating Shelving

    For small parts and piece picking, this "Lazy Susan" style shelving stores items in a small condensed bins that can be rotated for easy access.
  • Mobile Aisle Shelving

    Doubles your storage density compared to standard shelves by only needing a single aisle at a time. Can be closed on each end to enhance security when completely collapsed and locked.
  • Heavy Duty Bulk Shelving

    A pallet rack style of shelving that is meant for hand loading and is available in a variety of deck styles and sizes.
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