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We design and install automated material handling systems for palletizing, order picking, sorting and packaging

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Let robots do the work when it comes to tedious, repetitive manual labor and tasks. Replacing traditional manual labor with robots and automation systems can increase overall productivity through accuracy, precision and speed. Short-term costs are quickly offset by savings from labor wages, insurance, workers compensation claims and increased up-time.

Automation solutions available from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Palletizing Robots

    Floor, wall and ceiling mounted robot arms can be equiped with gripper-style, magnetic or vacuum end effectors to quickly and evenly palletize loads for shipping.
  • Packaging Robots

    Using an array of end effectors, packaging robots can pack cases one object at a time or all at once.
  • Order Picking Robots

    A six-axis robot programmable to do item picking and de-palletizing operations.
  • Machine Tool Tending Robots

    Ideal for loading and operating CNC machines, tool tending robots can also be programmed to inspect the work done for accuracy and quality.
  • Automated Stretch Wrappers

    Inline stretch wrappers that tie into your warehouse management system requiring no direct labor.
  • Pick to Light Order Fulfillment Systems

    A paperless order picking system that alerts workers to what item needs to be picked, how many and for which order. Pick-to-light systems can increase accuracy and offer real-time inventory counts.
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

    AS/RS systems maximize the cubic space you have available for storage. The system tracks where each item is located and can rezone or reslot on-the-fly cutting down retrieval times for high volume items.
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