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Materials Handling for Manufacturing

Reliable, safe, productive storage & handling solutions for manufacturing operations

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Manufacturers often overlook material handling and focus on production equipment - an approach that often reduces the very efficiency of that production equipment. The storage, conveyance and handling systems used in industrial operations can significantly reduce
costs, increase productivity, and create a safer, more ergonomic production environment.

Some manufacturers consider material handling a secondary concern, but the systems that move and handle material as it enters, passes through, and departs manufacturing processes, machinery or fabrication areas can be a critical key to productivity.

Handling the tough loads

In manufacturing, materials can be heavier, harder to handle, and bulkier than in many other applications. Moving and handling bulk items for manufacturing or production
areas requires specific expertise.

That's where Cisco-Eagle is strong. We have the experience and expertise in storing and handling bulk items for manufacturing or production areas that give you the best outcome.

Many material handling companies are laser-focused on distribution, and don't understand the specific manufacturing concerns. Our experience in these industries gives Cisco-Eagle specific and current understanding of larger, bulk, and specialized handling systems designed to improve manufacturing operations.

Energy, chemical, fabrication, metalworking and processing industries are often plagued by inefficient or disorganized storage. These problems can be reduced with storage and handling systems that are either highly specific or customized toward the load. Cisco-Eagle specializes in these kinds of systems for every kind of manufacturer from pipe handlers to automotive.

Material Handling Equipment Specification for Manufacturing

drum conveyor

  • Conveyors: Conveyors in manufacturing operations typically tie production areas to each other, or to order picking areas. This can require integration with process machinery, work cells, robotics, cutters, or threading machines. We are experts at tying conveyors to machinery. Pipe & tube conveyors are frequently utilized in energy and chemical applications. We utilize "bow tie" rollers that allow conveyance of varying diameters.
  • crane hoist system Overhead & Jib Crane Systems: Properly utilized jib and overhead crane systems allow operators to handle incredibly heavy loads during the manufacturing process. Various balancers, cranes, manipulators and effectors provide options to optimize any application where heavy components must be handled.
  • Automation & Robotics: From original specification to delivery and setup of a custom configuration, we assist you in implementing an automated system. Our experience includes metal welding and cutting applications, material handling, pick & place machinery, and test equipment. Turn your manufacturing bottlenecks into high-quality, productive, and profitable parts of your operation. More importantly, we are able to integrate automated systems into every aspect of your operation.
  • Vertical Lifts/VRC’s: We have installed VRC’s in applications ranging from submarine manufacturing/maintenance bays to chemical production facilities. Often integrated into mezzanines or taller multilevel structures, VRC’s can be used indoors or outdoors, in a variety of applications.
  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts, Cranes, & Tilters: Heavy machinery often involves repetitive handling and manipulation of large - and potentially hazardous - workpieces and assemblies. Injuries related to lifting, reaching, bending, stretching, and other physical contortions plague manufacturers. Simple, inexpensive mechanical lifting and positioning equipment can help reduce or eliminate injuries and product damage - thereby increasing overall productivity.
  • Work Cell Design: Revitalizing work cells can dramatically increase productivity. Simple reconfiguration utilizing the latest ergonomic handling systems can result in big quality and speed gains.
  • Heavy duty storage: Racks and other handling equipment designed to hold raw materials, stock, dies and more.