Arkansas Carton & Gravity Flow Racks

Carton flow rack can result in labor savings up to 75%, floor space savings up to 50%  compared to traditional storage/picking methods

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Unex carton flow picking system

Gravity flow experts - we can design, integrate and install your system

High-density carton flow systems optimize full or split case picking systems save space and increase labor efficiency. Gravity racks can reduce labor costs up to 75% by keeping pickers working on orders rather than walking through static racks or shelving. These systems are either tracks of plastic or metal wheels, full-width roller tracks or skatewheel conveyors installed on inclines to deliver product to the pick face. This concept creates a more ergonomic and efficient working environment. We utilize a variety of manufacturers (Unex, Keneco, Mallard, and others) and styles to provide our clients just the right fit for their needs. Often integrated into pick modules, picking lanes and assembly functions.

Cisco-Eagle provides a variety of carton flow rack systems:

  • Unex Span Track Full Width Carton Flow Tracks

    Span Track full width rollers ensure smooth product flow and excellent reliability. High profile tracks sit atop beams; low profile nests between single or double deep pallet rack beams; deck style drops into single deep racks.
  • FlowCell: High Flexibility Mobile Carton Flow

    Transport and utilize gravity picking anywhere you need to with FlowCell Mobile gravity flow rack. It can be integrated into very narrow spaces (a single lane) or much more expansive areas—even in a workstation. Ideal for Lean or 5S applications.
  • Skatewheel Flow Racks

    Skatewheel conveyors integrated into picking racks allow you to flow odd and varied sizes in a "lane-free" configuration.
  • Flow Shelves (Plastic Wheel) Type Racks

    Convert standard 8' slotted pallet rack into flow storage with flow rack shelves that have lanes configured to match carton size.
  • Keneco Carton Flow Solutions

    Choose poly wheel flow lanes or full width tracks.
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