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Folding Security Gates

Utilize folding gates to guard dock doors, openings, and doors

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folding security gate for dock doors

Securing your dock and warehouse doors is easy and convenient:

        • Medium-Duty Economy Folding Gates

          Utilizes 25% less steel in a larger grid pattern than heavier gates. Ideal for access control, interior and exterior. Choose single (locks at side) or dual (locks in center).
        • Heavy Duty Single-Width Folding Gates

          These galvanized heavy retractable gates are ideal for secure applications at lift-up doors, Locks on the right side for openings 3' to 12' wide.
        • Retractable Double Width "Pair" Heavy Duty Security Gates

          Heavy galvanized gates meet and lock in the middle. They are for openings from 6' to 24' wide, Steel drop pins on both sides for added security.
        • Retail & Storefront Security Gates

          Gates built with a continuous frame on all sides and vertical reinforcement bars. Gates are resistant to outdoor conditions—heat, rain, snow and chemicals. They cover openings 5/ to 20’ wide. All retail gates are single wide.
        • Portable Folding Security Gates

          Portable gates can be rolled to temporarily control a hallway, entry point, or production area. Starter gates are 12' wide. Adder gates are available in 6' increments. Steel or Aluminum construction.
        • Door Width Folding Gates

          These heavy gates fit openings up to 48" wide and heights from 31" to 78". Heavy U-channel webbing is riveted back-to-back with aircraft quality aluminum rivets.
        • Mobile Barrier Gates

          These gates are smaller and help reduce access to work areas, hatches, manholes, retail aisles, etc. They can typically be carried by hand.
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