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Pick Module Systems

Increase order picking efficiency and save space

pick module system drawing

Your customers expect rapid, trouble-free order fulfillment. To provide it, you need a tightly controlled solution that provides efficient storage, retrieval and fast delivery - the pick module. We can help you create exactly the right module for your needs.

Versatile, high-density pick modules can be scaled to your needs

While there is no such thing as a standard pick module, they all share common traits. Pick modules integrate various storage solutions inside multi-level work platforms that move product efficiently through a distribution facility.

Pick modules combine various storage technologies into a high-density footprint

Pick module conveyor line

The anatomy of a pick module

These order picking systems are multi-level, and combine elements of mezzanines and work platforms with conveyors (often for takeaway), carton flow racks, pallet flow racks, static racks, carousels, and other equipment that delivers loads for pickers on each level. Details: what comprises a pick module.

They produce faster picking in less space than floor level storage. This results in significant cost savings for broken pallet, full-case or open-carton picking functions. This reduces wasted "walk time" for pickers, who are situated in areas where they spend more time picking orders and less time finding SKU's. Orders are typically conveyed away from the pickers to packing and shipping. This reduces picking times and increases accuracy. You can integrate pick-to-light or voice directed picking into your system to provide fast, accurate order fulfillment.

How can adding a pick module enhance your  business?

  • You can enforce inventory rotation through first-in, first-out picking. Replenish inventory from the load side and your pickers are always presented product in the order you want it picked.
  • You can save space. Serious space. In a pallet picking operation, you’ll save about 35% in a typical 6-deep application. If you’re picking from cartons or totes, the savings are even better compared to shelving. Saving space delays having to move to larger facilities or the need for wholesale redesign because pick modules open up floor space to other uses. The more vertical cube you can utilize, the more space you’ll save.
  • You can reduce labor expenses. It’s pretty easy to see that when you concentrate storage and picking operations, you eliminate nonproductive “walk” time. Order pickers are picking - not walking - for more hours every day. This allows you to greatly reduce the amount of time pickers spend searching and walking.
  • You can replenish your inventory easier than ever. Because you’re concentrating picking operations, you can focus inventory, whether pallets or cartons, right into the system.
pick module system drawing

A pick module system is often the best choice for a high-volume, high throughput distribution center operation. That said, even the most simple picking operations can benefit from the versatility and efficiencies created by installing a pick module of smaller scale.

Take a look at your facilities - imagine consolidating picking areas that sprawl across your facility into half (or less) the space, and actually improving your performance. The good thing is, this isn’t a high-tech or overly complex concept. WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) automation can play as big or small a part as needed - or no part at all.