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Choose wire partitions to organize and protect storage areas with lockable panels

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Driver Security Cage
Driver Security Cage

Cisco-Eagle specializes in wire partitions. We've sold wire partitions in all sizes across the United States, and installed many of them, too. We can help you find the right partition to protect high-value goods in the warehouse, tenement, stock room or work shop. Keep expensive tools and equipment safely locked away with wire partitions and cages.

It's about keeping people out

Wire partitions help keep people out of trouble - from rack areas to dock doors there's a wire partition solution to help you secure your valuable goods. Use wire partitions to separate product groups and secure them behind locked door panels. Use them to enclose pallet rack and dock areas. Secure goods in wire partition cages and even protect HVAC and other utilities in wire cages to prevent theft and destruction to that expensive equipment.

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