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Move materials between floor levels using minimal floor space

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How does it work?

Vertical lifts operate much like an elevator, except it is meant to lift materials only, not people. The lift uses either hydraulic or mechanical design to produce the lift needed, based on the height of lift required. Vertical lifts are well suited for heavy loads from 1,000 - 6,000 lbs. and can lift from inches to multiple floor heights.

Vertical lifts can be automated

Vertical lifts can be a part of automated operations and processes happening in your facility. Using photo eyes and management systems, you can actually lead up to the VCR with conveyor, have a conveyor section in the lift, and have conveyor at the output point, allowing materials to convey not only from one floor to another, but to additional processes on that other floor.

Cisco-Eagle can help you make the right choice

Our engineers work with our VRC manufacturers to make sure they have all the information they need and clearly understand the requirements of the equipment. Since most VRC purchases are for a custom design, we want to make sure we have the specs right before the project goes into fabrication.

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