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Improve pick operations by bringing the product to the pick worker instead of the worker wasting time walking through the warehouse

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Carousel Installation
Carousel Installation

Save time and distance

One of the most wasteful aspects of pick operations is sending pick workers out into the warehouse to find order items. They walk more than they pick, they hurry to get to the next item on the pick list, and they often wander around hunting for the right sku's. There's a way to eliminate all that waste - add a vertical or horizontal carousel to bring the product to the pick worker and keep them picking instead of walking.

Improve pick accuracy and throughput

When workers can bring the product to the pick station, they will be more accurate in what they pick and each pick takes far less time - up to 80% less time. when you improve accuracy you reduce the number of returns, repicks, and restocking. There are fewer customer service issues due to wrong orders, and customer satisfaction improves because orders are right and they get pulled quicker.

Vertical carousels use more vertical space and less floor space

Vertical carousels make storage denser while saving floor space by taking storage upward. Many work by rotating storage bins in a vertical oval that delivers the bins to the pick location. Some systems store bins on shelves, retrieve the correct bins into a carousel track and then deliver to the pick station. Either way, more sku's are stored and workers have less fatigue, more accuracy and faster picks.

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