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Vertical Lifts convey heavy materials between levels: safely, effectively, conveniently

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Hydraulic, mechanical, and custom options

Vertical lifts (vertical reciprocating conveyors) move materials vertically in manufacturing, distribution, retail, commercial, military and automotive facilities. They’re ideal for freight movement from the plant floor to an upper or lower level (through-floor), balcony or mezzanine. They can often be installed outdoors or indoors. Since they have their own national code exempt from the national elevator code, people cannot be conveyed on these systems. The principal components of VRC's include guide columns, carriage and a mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism.

Cisco-Eagle has vast experience specifying and integrating VRC’s with conveyors, work platforms, and other aspects of an integrated material handling system. Call us today in the San Antonio region for your VRC project. We’ll help you get it right.

Cisco-Eagle vertical conveyor solutions:

        • San Antonio Hydraulic Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

          The most economical type of VRC, but with height and travel limitations that can restrict some applications. We can help you determine the type of VRC you need.
        • Mechanical Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

          PFlow mechanical vertical lifts offer durable, heavy-duty construction and maximum flexibility in carriage size, capacity and traffic patterns.
        • Fully Automated Vertical Conveyor Systems

          Fully automated systems are comprehensive integrations that can include the VRC, controls, conveyor or other systems, and startup responsibilities. They’re designed, manufactured, and installed by our engineers and technicians.
        • Custom and Special Build VRC's

          From the largest to the smallest platforms, to systems designed for extreme conditions, Cisco-Eagle can help you implement the system you need.
        • A Guide to Vertical Conveyor Applications

          Good reading for potential vertical lift users. We can of course help you with all the details, but you may want to familiarize yourself with this guide as you start your project.
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