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From order picking to records storage, Cisco-Eagle helps make your storage space more effective and efficient

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Industrial Shelving

Heavy-duty shelving helps you make the most of your warehouse, shop, office or commercial applications. Cisco-Eagle can help you know which shelving system works best with your particular needs including special configurations and layouts.

Learn more about industrial shelving from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Rivet Shelving

    Great capacity, strong structure, easy to assemble and versatile to use, rivet shelving offers an economical way to bring shelf storage into your system.
  • Steel Shelving

    Slotted posts and shelf clips make assembly of these sturdy shelves quick and easy, and just as easily adjusted to different shelf spacing to fit your goods and materials.
  • Aluminum Shelving

    Light weight, wash-down tolerance, and smoothly milled surfaces make these shelves perfect for food process, food service, and beverage production applications.
  • Wire Shelving

    Reliable service and easy adjustments make wire shelving an excellent choice. The wire formed shelves stay clean longer and allow fire suppression systems to flow through to levels below.
  • Wide-Span Bulk Shelving

    High capacity wide span shelving allows access from all sides while offering wider shelf spans for storage space. Decking is available in particle board, solid sheet metal and common wire decking.
  • Tulsa's Record Shelving

    When it comes to tax time and year-end records storage, Cisco-Eagle's record storage systems offer you a variety of shelving types and sizes to suit the record boxes you use.
  • Dynamic High Density Shelf Storage

    Make your small parts, soft goods, and low volume storage more efficient with denser storage options through bins in flexible, movable storage columns that fill floor level pallet bays with multiple depth rows per bay.
  • Mobile Aisle Shelving

    Shelving on easy-to-roll rails collapses and expands to allow access between shelf rows while saving multiple rows of aisle space.
  • Rotabins

    Layers of circular steel shelves divided into storage sections makes Rotabins a prime choice for retail and small parts picking. Each level rotates for ease of access.
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