Tulsa Work Platforms & Mezzanines

Allow Cisco-Eagle to assist you in gaining greater use of the vertical space in your facility through special platforms and mezzanines

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Cisco-Eagle offers many options for adding floor space to your existing facility through moving upward into the vertical space you have available. Whether work platforms, crossovers, or mezzanines, we can find the exact structure you need to increase productivity, gain useful square footage, and reduce the need to expand outward.

Learn more about optimizing vertical space on these Cisco-Eagle web pages:

  • Work Platforms

    Modular components that assemble quickly to provide work space for technical work stations, in-plant office space and operations supervision.
  • Structural Mezzanines

    Structural mezzanines allow you to add square footage at a fraction of new construction through outward expansion. Build upward instead of out.
  • Parts Mezzanines

    Use existing parts shelving to support a mezzanine filled with additional parts shelving and double your square footage for parts storage.
  • Shelf Supported Mezzanines

    Rivet shelving lends itself structurally to the addition of mezzanine square footage in the overhead space above the shelving. Moving upward instead of outward allows functional departments to remain cohesive and well-connected.
  • Rack Supported Mezzanines

    Using structural rack as the support for mezzanine is an excellent way to increase square footage and move up into the vertical space available in your facility.
  • Crossovers

    Make pedestrian traffic patterns more flexible and less congested by placing crossovers above pipes, conduits, machinery and equipment to speed movement through the facility.
  • Mobile Work Platforms

    Mobile work platforms get workers closer to their work at heights while preserving safety through solid construction, safety handrails and movable structures.
  • Mezzanine Safety Gates

    Keep workers safe while working at mezzanine load/unload spots with gates that keep workers away from open edges during the loading/unloading process.
  • Pick Module Safety Gates

    When you have workers up in the pick module, keep them safer with swinging gates that allow pallets to be loaded in but keep workers safely away from the open edge.
  • Pedestrian Swing Gates

    Protect pedestrians at mezzanine entry and exit points with swinging safety gates that latch behind the user as they pass through.
  • Mezzanine & Safety Cage Ladders

    Add caged ladders to mezzanines and other levels over 6' high to protect workers accessing work levels above a safe height.
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