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Processes run smoother and safer when robots and automated processes are used for tedious, unsafe procedures

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Industrial Shelving

Increase accuracy on tedious tasks, improve safety with high-speed processes, and protect workers from dangerous jobs using hazardous materials - opt for robotics and automated operations. Allow workers to add more value through higher level tasks and let automation do the rest.

There's more robotics & automation information at the following Cisco-Eagle web pages:

  • Tulsa Carousel Systems

    Let carousels make your pick operations go faster, increase accuracy and decrease travel.
  • Tulsa Robotic Packing Systems

    Helpful information on how robotic packing systems can improve throughput, safety, worker morale, and your bottom line.
  • Packaging & Palletizing Robots

    Robotics improves operations by performing repetitive and tedious tasks with higher accuracy and greater endurance than human hands can do.
  • Robotic Machine Tool Tending

    Robotics combined with CNC machines allows robots to take care of loading, aligning and calibrating stages in the machining process, relieving workers for higher value tasks while increasing accuracy and faster throughput.
  • Automated Mobile Pick Dispensers

    One of the easiest areas to automate is when dispensing small goods into totes and bins. Automation allows faster speeds with greater accuracy than human hands can perform.
  • Rotary Tower Stretch Wrappers

    Make pallet stretch wrapping more consistent and efficient with automated wrappers that reduce the volume of stretch wrap used while making the wrapping tighter and more stable.
  • Automated Turntable Stretch Wrappers

    Whether fully or semi automated, these turntable stretch wrappers provide accurate wrapping with speed and stretch film use reduction. Must be loaded and unloaded by forklift.
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