Fujitsu Network Communications: From 5 Minutes Per Order to 25 Orders in 5 Minutes

Fujitsu Case Study Description

Carton Flow Rack: Orders are picked from bulk storage and placed in totes on the carton flow rack. Carton flow rack is designed for first-in, first-out order control.

Pack Stations: Stations are designed for fastest packing of orders. The operator packs the order and places a "license plate" on it, then sends it down the line. The license tag is a barcode that contains the order shipping information. Packed orders are usually done in seconds, and placed onto the induction conveyor loop.

Transportation & Induction Conveyor Loop: Packed orders circulate from the pack stations on this conveyor loop. The Bulk Pack Station, which handles larger orders also feeds into this conveyor system.

In-Motion Manifesting Area: Cartons are automatically weighed on an in-motion scale as they pass through this automated manifesting area. 

Carrier Sortation Line: Boxes are sorted according to carrier in this area. There are three dynamically-assigned carrier lines and a fourth line dedicated to exceptions, special shipping instructions, and palletized shipments.

Bulk Pack Station: This area is designed for large, overpacked orders.