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Ergonomic lifting solutions in north Texas

Workers who must lift heavy items are more likely to be injured, and will work slower and less effectively. Using lifts, balancers, and cranes can reduce strain on your employees, allowing them to be more productive. Let Cisco-Eagle help you find the right solution.

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  • Lift Tables & Scissor Lifts

    Repetitive lifting and bending is hard on people and can possibly lead to injury. Manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic lift tables and scissor lifts can do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Positioners, Turntables, & Tilt Tables

    Positioners allow for ergonomic loading and unloading of pallets. They may also be fitted with turntables and tilters to further enhance ergonomics.
  • Elevation Station

    Lift up to 200 lbs to an appropriate height for reducing strain on personnel. Foot operated switches allow for height adjustability.
  • Jib Cranes

    Jib cranes from Spanco provide heavy lifting capabilities when working within a defined area. We offer both freestanding and wall mounted jib cranes.
  • Air Balancers

    Balancer systems from Zimmerman make working with heavy tools, dies, parts and components easier regardless of physical strength. Loads can be raised, lowered, rotated, moved and handled with startling ease, allowing people to work with less fatigue.
  • Gantry Cranes

    Mobile adjustable gantry cranes provide lifting support while allowing you to easily move the crane to where the work is. Use for maintenance, repair, warehouse, assembly, and fabrication operations.
  • Vertical Lifts

    Use vertical lifts to move product between one or more floors in your facility.
  • Hoists

    Choose manual hand chain, lever, electric and air powered hoists, and trolley & hoist combo's. Hoists increase materials handling efficiency for large heavy loads.
  • Transporters & Stackers

    If you need to move pallets or skids, load platforms & mezzanines, or unload trucks without a forklift, lifter transporters, portable stackers, powered and manually operated stackers take the strain out of lifting.
  • Dock Lifts

    Pit-Mounted or Surface-Mounted Lifts allows any truck to load at your dock when there is a difference between the loading dock and truck height.
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