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Using automation where repetitive motion, high speeds, consistent accuracy and harsh conditions are hard on people

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We have the knowledge to apply robotic automation.

Processes which require repetitive movements, high speed, and maintaining accuracy can be hard on your workforce. Consider robotic automation for palletizing, depalletizing, stretch wrapping, packing, and picking. Teaming up with market leading Fanuc Robotics, we have the resources to provide a system to automate these processes.

Integrating automation processes

We can provide automated stretch wrappers to wrap your pallets more quickly and efficiently. This stabilizes the pallet load, and protects it from dust and dirt. Stretch Wrappers can be integrated with a robotic palletizer and conveyor or used as a stand alone device.

Further automation enhancements can also integrate vision guided unmanned robotic industrial trucks to deliver pallets between loading and picking operations. This reduces operator time in transit so they can perform other operations.

All of these solutions can be integrated by the experienced staff at Cisco-Eagle to work together in your operation and enhance efficiency.

More industrial automation information from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Robotic Packaging & Palletizing

    Robots handle picking, packing, and palletizing operations performing repetitive work that can be hard on the human body.
  • Rotary Tower Stretch Wrappers

    Pallets are delivered by conveyor, forklifts, or pallet jacks to an automated or semi-automated rotary tower stretch wrapper for fast and safe wrapping operations.
  • Turntable Stretch Wrappers

    Pallets are loaded onto a turntable for automated or semi-automated stretch wrapping operations. Turntable stretch wrappers take less space than rotary tower stretch wrappers.
  • AS/RS Systems

    AS/RS systems store, retrieve, transport products and integrate with your warehouse management system for inventory tracking.
  • Pick-To Light Systems

    Increase the speed and accuracy of picking operations with pick-to-light order picking systems.
  • Industrial Carousel Storage

    Industrial carousel automated high density storage and retrieval systems help you to pick orders faster and with greater accuracy and product security.
  • Industrial Automation Videos

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