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From pallet positioning to massive load movement across a facility, lift equipment helps you better handle materials

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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

Cisco-Eagle offers a wide range of lift equipment from light weight scissor lifts to bridge and gantry cranes for moving massive loads. We provide stacker/transporters, hoists, jib cranes, positioners, tilters, gantry cranes and more. Each of these product lines directly address the various lift needs our customers face.

You have a choice based on product type, size, and weight

When selecting lift equipment, the size and weight of the load are the first considerations. Next, your goal in what the equipment is to accomplish. With those three bits of information Cisco-Eagle assists you in determining the right equipment you need. If lifting product for palletizing and de-palletizing, positioners and scissor lifts are likely good choices. Stackers and transporters are excellent for moving stock from the warehouse to retail shelving. Dock lifts help make up the difference between the dock edge height and the unloading vehicle height. Jib and gantry cranes in combination with hoists or other lift tools, provide wide motion for moving large items within a work station area or from one work station to another. Vertical reciprocating lifts help you get materials from one floor level to another.

Cisco-Eagle can help you find the right solution

Our sales and engineering staff are experienced in lift technology. We understand the physics and capabilities of the various lift options you have. We help our customers find a product that not only answers today's problems, but that can help them move forward with growth for the future.

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  • Vertical Lifts

    Vertical lifts help you get materials from one floor level to another using minimal floor space to accomplish that goal. Choose from hydraulic or mechanical systems.
  • Scissor Lifts

    Bringing materials to the proper work height is the job of scissor lifts and lift tables. Through pneumatic and hydraulic technology, these lifts move loads from 500 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. up and down for more ergonomic work conditions.
  • Pallet Positioners, Turntable Lifts & Tilters

    Pallet positioners, turntable lifts and tilters help you bring the work to a better, more ergonomic position. They make work safer to do and often improve productivity.
  • Hoists

    Lift heavy loads with sturdy hoists available in manual chain, pneumatic, and electrical models. Hoists help you lift bulky, hard to handle materials so you can turn and move them to new locations.
  • Air Balancers

    When needing to move a heavy load a short distance, air balancers help you lift objects with ease. Air balancers improve the ergonomics of lifting loads, making such motion safer.
  • Jib Cranes

    Jib cranes are often used in coordination with air balancers and end-effectors to make lifting of heavy materials more ergonomic and safer. Jib cranes allow you to swing a load in an arc to relocate the load.
  • Gantry Cranes

    When needing to move a heavy object, gantry cranes come in handy. They work in combination with hoists or other lift equipment to let you lift and then move objects from one place to another. Gantry cranes are mobile cranes, making large moves possible.
  • Stackers & Transporters

    Stackers and transporters help with moving goods from warehouse to retail shelving. Move cases, cartons and tubs with powered lift assistance instead of manually lifting and lowering objects.
  • Dock Lifts

    Dock lifts help even out the difference between the dock edge height and truck trailer beds. Pit and surface mounted lifts allow you to accept any truck at your dock.
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