Oklahoma City Mezzanines & Work Platforms

Increase floor space by adding extra levels through mezzanines and work platforms

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When floor space comes at a premium and your operations appear to be outgrowing your facility, consider mezzanines or work platforms to give you the additional space you need. Cisco-Eagle engineers help you figure out the best location and configuration for getting that extra space.

Mezzanines are like adding another floor level

Mezzanines are built on existing support structures such as existing building columns, pallet rack or shelving. they require careful engineering to make sure the additional load can be stably supported. The great advantage of adding a mezzanine is that it gives you another floor level with which to work. Add more shelving, office space, process area and work station space. It's an excellent way to use more of the vertical space in your facility.

Work platforms add space in precise locations

Adding work platforms provides work space right where you need it for performing tasks and processes that are integral parts of your business. Whether for aeronautics or assembly lines, work platforms put workers at the right height and location to be able to do their work ergonomically, safely and quicker because they don't have to continually re-position in order to do the job.

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