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Robotic Case Palletizer

Automating certain processes in your facility can not only improve throughput, but also add to safety and production quality. Most automation functions perform jobs that require repetitive motion, are tiresome to do over and over, are hazardous to human workers, or that need higher speed or more accurate completion. When adding automation, workers are freed up to handle higher level tasks that require decision making on the fly, proving them with more job satisfaction and fulfillment.

Automation can happen through specially designed equipment that handles limited operations, through robotics where a machine is programmable to perform various jobs, or through robotic industrial vehicles that learn specific paths through the facility and then repeat the cycle of those paths in order to aid specific operations in the warehouse.

Some of the automation offered through Cisco-Eagle is stretch wrapping equipment, palletizing and packaging robotics, pick dispensers and tool tending. Cisco-Eagle works with excellent automation and robotics suppliers in order bring you top-notch quality that will not only meet your needs, but exceed them so that your investment will last for years.

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  • Robotics Systems

    Introduce robotics into your facility when you want greater accuracy, speed and production quality that is repeatable millions of times. Robots are able to consistently deliver the quality you want.
  • Carousel Systems

    Help your pick operations step up the pace with vertical carousels that bring the products to the pick workers. Improve pick speeds by 80% because workers aren't hunting down sku's.
  • Automated Mobile Pick Dispensers

    Put your pick operations on high speed with automated mobile pick dispensers that connect with your network to receive pick information and then kicks the products into passing bins.
  • Automated Rotary Tower Stretch Wrappers

    Automate your palletizing system with a tower style stretch wrapper that receives the pallet load and automatically rotates a wrapping arm around the load to securely stretch wrap it, then moves the pallet down the line.
  • Automated Turntable Stretch Wrappers

    This semi-automated system accepts a pallet load onto the turntable and with a touch begins rotating the load to securely stretch wrap it. Once the load is wrapped, the load may be removed from the turntable.
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