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If you want to increase productivity at the work station level, the best thing you can do is provide your workers with the tools they need - especially in work benches, work stations and tables. Having the right work surface makes all the difference in the world in how well the job is done. If workers don't have enough space, too slippery a surface or poorly designed bench, they just can't deliver the quality required.

Cisco-Eagle has a work bench, station or table to take care of your workers

With work stations and work benches from companies like ProLine, Dehnco, Penco and Lyon Workspace, Cisco-Eagle offers a wide selection in bench types, table heights and capacities, and work station accessories. From assembly and clean-room to shipping and electronics, we have a workstation or workbench that answers the need.

Beyond traditional work bench profiles

Cisco-Eagle goes beyond offering standard work bench and workstation configurations. We offer mobile powered workstations, computer work stations, and even stainless steel workbenches. We've got manifest stations, electric adjustable height, over-conveyor and technician work benches. We also offer high-capacity and stainless work tables in a wide range of choices.

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