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Improve operations with the correct lift equipment

Many worker injuries result from repetitive lifting motion caused by bad ergonomics. Cisco-Eagle can help you remove the bad ergonomics in your operations by recommending lift equipment that suits the task at hand.

Whether it's loading and unloading pallets or transferring goods from the conveyor to packaging, there's an ergonomic way to get the job done so that workers stay healthy and uninjured.

We have the scissor lifts, cranes, hoists, manipulators and end effectors that lower operating costs, improve safety and increase productivity. Let us offer some ideas - give us a call or fill out the form to the right today.

Some of the lift solutions we offer:

  • Scissor Lifts & Industrial Lift Tables

    Scissor lifts from Autoquip, Bishamon, Southworth and Presto provide a wide selection of load capacities, sizes and styles of scissor lift tables
  • Vertical Lifts - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

    Vertical reciprocating conveyor can make operations faster and more efficient in moving goods from one level to another. Integrate with other systems for an automated solution
  • Pallet Positioners, Rotators, and Turntables

    Position, turn and control work heights of loaded pallets with these specialized lifts
  • Jib Crane Systems

    Jib cranes from Gorbel, Zimmerman, Spanco, and more allow you to adjust rotation, add end effectors and choose power options, capacities, heights and spans to meet your needs.
  • Gantry Cranes

    Mobilize loads along an I-beam rail system to traverse longer distances and deliver loads where they need to be using a gantry crane system
  • Air Balancers, Rail Systems, and End Effectors

    Let an air balancer and rail system remove the injury causing physical stress your workers endure in lifting and moving goods from one process to another
  • Hoists & Pullers: Manual, Electric, Pneumatic

    Harrington hoists are proven performers when it comes to manual, electric, and pneumatic hoist and trolly systems offered through Cisco-Eagle
  • Dock Lifts

    Let a dock lift help ease the alignment height of delivery trucks with your docks and reduce the number of forklift loads that destabilize and come apart
  • Stackers, Transporters and Straddle Lifts

    When you don't have the space for a pallet truck or forklift, consider a stacker, transport or lift hand truck to aid in restocking and retrieving goods
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