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Wire Partitions for Industrial Product Security

Secure storage to protect inventory from pilferage in your facility

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Use wire partitions to protect inventory and create secure areas

Wire partitions are constructed of heavy gauge wire mesh in angle iron frames. There are a variety of door and locking options available. Because of modular design these partitions can easily be reconfigured or added to as your needs change. Our professional staff in Dallas can help you from design to installation for your wire partition needs.

Find additional information on wire partitions in the Cisco-Eagle website

        • Woven Wire Partitions

          Woven wire in a 2"x1" rectangular mesh welded into heavy duty angle iron frames. The panels attach to 2"x2" posts. The partitions may be configured with hinged or sliding doors and a variety of lock options.
        • Welded Wire Partitions

          Welded wire partitions are welded at the every intersection of the heavy duty wire in a 2"x2" mesh. This makes it easier to cut the mesh in the field if you need an opening for electrical or HVAC to pass through the partition.
        • Dock Door Security Cages

          Keep visitors to your warehouse from entering at the dock door and wandering around inside unaccompanied. A locked door can be opened from the warehouse side of the partition to allow access when permissible.
        • Prisoner Holding Cells

          Minimum security holding cells for temporary detention at arenas, airports, and other public facilities
        • DEA Storage Cages

          Provide secure storage for pharmaceuticals and other controlled substances that meets DEA requirements. These cages feature no sweep space at the bottom, self closing doors, and enclosed ceilings.
        • Wire Partitions Lock Options

          Wire partition doors come standard with a padlock hasp, but you can outfit the doors with a variety of locks to suit your application.
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