Order Fulfillment Operations

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Order fulfillment systems

Welcome to the Cisco-Eagle order fulfillment resources area. This is an informational resource designed to give our customers advice, case studies, and assistance.

Order fulfillment is part of every operation

A common misconception about order fulfillment is that it only consists of catalog or commerce operations that pump carton quantity orders to consumers - the kind you might see at an Amazon.com, retail distribution, a 3PL, or other distribution center. This isn't true. Almost every operation fulfills orders, whether a manufacturing operation that sends finished materials to other plants (or parts of the same plant), or a small scale warehouse.

  • Ergonomics 101

    A plant re-design can multiply productivity. Ergonomics has not been a prime plant design consideration for many operations, but that is changing as companies discover that ergonomic design is also productive design.
  • The Logic of Facility Layout

    Good plant & warehouse layouts always develop from the general to the specific, never the other way. In facility layout, all parts make up one interconnected whole. The goal is to optimize the work flow within a plant layout.
  • Fishbone DC Design

    University researchers at Arkansas, Auburn create more efficient and productive distribution center design models utilizing new pallet rack layouts.
  • Accurate Operations Information

    When evaluating a customer's needs, we probe for an understanding of the operation in its entirety. Each aspect of the operation affects the others. Making a change in one area may have a profound impact on another area.
  • Packing & Manifesting Optimization

    The order packer's work is the face of your company, and packing needs to be given special attention in a customer-focused order fulfillment operation. The order packer is the last line of defense for preventing incorrect or damaged shipments.
  • The Packer's Point of View

    Order transportation and staging are two areas where you can increase your packing efficiency dramatically: Study the flow carefully. The objective: pick & pack an order while minimizing the amount of worker time, space, motion, and materials consumed.
  • When Should you Expand?

    The signs are right in front of you, when it comes to the need to expand or refurbish your facility. It can be overcrowding, revenue loss, product damage, or crippling seasonal spikes. How can you read these signs? When is it better ro relocate?
  • The Typical Warehouse

    Warehouse and storage buildings are used to store goods, manufactured products, merchandise, and raw materials. What does the typical warehouse look like? How does yours compare?
  • Split Case Picking Methods

    In a split case picking system, individual items are picked from bins or open cartons. This method is sometimes called each-pick or piece picking operations. This article provides a break down and comparison of methods and equipment.
  • Warehouse Leasing Costs

    Industrial rental rates can be deceiving and difficult for the layperson to understand. It is because of this that we must be sure to get clarification on how landlords quote rent.
  • Cross Docking Fundamentals

    Crossdocking is a warehousing system where inbound shipments are offloaded and reloaded onto outbound transportation with minimal storage requirements.