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Conveyor specialists: how we can help you

Our Arkansas operation features dedicated systems & design experts, experienced salespeople, and a history of helping Arkansas clients achieve their goals. We work both with manufacturing and distribution clients to help them move materials efficiently, integrate conveyor with production machinery, and create value. Call us today!

Cisco-Eagle's suite of conveyor solutions:

  • Arkansas Conveyor Systems Design & Integration

    Put our engineers and designers to work for you. We help Arkansas companies maximize their material handling operations--let us help you.
  • Conveyor Tips & Info

    An array of conveyor articles, calculators, configuration and safety resources.
  • Powered Roller Conveyors (Curves and Straight Sections)

    Live roller conveyor can utilize a variety of means to power and control loads. Rollers may be driven by belts, chains, o-rings, or 24DCV motors.
  • Belt Conveyors

    Horizontal belt conveyors are ideal for loads with irregular bottoms, smaller items that could fall between rollers, lighter duty cartons and similar loads. Belt conveyors drive the belt, rather than the loads, making them more suitable for fragile loads.
  • Hytrol Pallet Conveyor Systems

    Pallet conveyors are a specialty. Whether it's a simple gravity system or a full integration with a palletizer, we can help you get it right.
  • Accumulation Conveyors

    This conveyor holds the load in place until it needs to be released, allowing you control of when and how your product is delivered (to a labeler or packaging machine, or simply to a shipping area or pack station). Minimum and Zero pressure systems.
  • Sortation Systems

    Sorting conveyors allow precise product traffic. They divert the load from line to line, utilizing a series of controls. Sortation types include shoe sorters, slat type, sweep sortation, right-angle pushers & more.
  • Gravity Conveyors: Roller & Skatewheel

    From the lightest to the heaviest loads, we can help you utilize gravity conveyors in your operation.
  • Incline Conveyors in Arkansas

    Transporting product between levels (onto or off a mezzanine, work platform, to overhead conveyors or other location) is the mission of incline/decline belt conveyors.
  • Conveyor Parts, Motors and Components

    We can help you with replacement parts: motors, drives, bearings, belts, and other components.
  • Custom Designed and Special Conveyors

    We assist companies when standard conveyors simply will not fit the need, or the integration is highly specialized. We say yes when others say no!
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