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Pallet rack solutions from Cisco-Eagle

        • All Pallet Rack Types

        • Steel King SK2000 Selective Racks

          Includes preconfigured racks, components, and special racks with integrated wire decks, wire backing, safety netting and more.
        • Structural Pallet Rack Systems

          Heavy duty applications or those in places like coolers and freezers or in very heavy duty load situations may require the hot-rolled, channel steel construction of a structural rack. Let our Arkansas rack specialists help with your project.
        • Bolted Structural Rack: SK2500 Systems

          Boltless racks are extremely reliable and have excellent capacities, but the added strength of a bolt connection is best for a variety of punishing applications.
        • Drive-In High Density Racks

          Drive in rack systems store pallets in bays up to 5 deep for excellent space savings and product density.
        • Drive Through Pallet Racking

          Drive through racks allow the lift truck to enter either side of the open structure for access to either side of the rack for picking or replenishment.
        • Pallet Flow Racks

          In a pallet flow system, deep lanes of racks are configured in a high density first-in, first-out storage scheme.
        • Horizontal Pallet Flow Lanes (Flow Rail) for Drive-In, Pushback and Flow Racking

          These flow rails install on either new or existing deep pallet storage racks. As flexible as pushback, but with the storage density equal to or better than flow racks or drive-in.
        • Pushback Racks

          Pushback racks allow you to store from two to five pallets deep on each level in a last-n, first-out storage configuration. You can store a different SKU on each level. Pushback can create 90% space savings vs. selective rack systems.
        • Pallet Rack Accessories

          Includes wire decking, post protectors, row spacers, safety netting, security enclosures and more to enhance your pallet rack.
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