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Automated Storage Retrieval System - Muratec

AS/RS systems transport, stage, retrieve, and report on every inventory item with up-to-the minute accuracy

Picture your day without cluttered aisles, excess inventory, lost or damaged products, inaccurate records, endless searching, climbing, bending and frustration. Imagine a highly profitable operation that adds value and decreases expense. That's the promise of automated storage and retrieval systems. Can it be realized? Most definitely - when you choose the right partner. Cisco-Eagle has the partnerships and expertise to help you increase productivity, reduce expenses and take your operation to the next level.

Contact us for assistance with your automation project today. We can help you navigate the wide range of options and marry the diverse hardware and software systems involved.

More information: automated retrieval systems:

  • Mini Load

    Mini-load ASRS systems typically handle totes, cartons or other small containers, saving space and delivering product to order pickers, assembly operations, or other work in progress groups. Mini-load systems save space while increasing efficiency.
  • Unit Load Systems

    Unit load is the material handling term for any configuration of materials that allow it to be moved by material handling equipment as a single unit. Typically, this means pallet loads, but can apply to containerized loads.
  • AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

    AGVs are automatically-programmed vehicles that drive to pre-planned points and perform pre-programmed functions.
  • The True Costs of Pallet Storage

    Don't let the illusion of "cost-per-pallet-position" overcome more complex and accurate ways to measure the true cost of storing a pallet

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