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Unit Load Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems: AS/RS for Palletized Loads

Optimize space and time in your operation with automated pallet handling systems

Unit Load Pallet Handling System Unit Load Pallet Handling System

Unit load is the material handling term for any configuration of materials that allow it to be moved by material handling equipment as a single unit. Typically, this means pallet loads, but can apply to containerized loads and other very heavy, bulky loads of appropriate size.

These systems help you achieve the optimal inventory management and goods receipt/shipping measures. They also help mold your supply chain management and overall business strategies. We can help you identify, engineer, and implement the most suitable AS/RS type for your operation and organizational needs. These systems will integrate with your information systems, material handling operations, and overall business structure.

AS/RS can improve every aspect of pallet handling operations

Faster, smoother and quieter: Handling pallets in a storage system can be daunting, but AS/RS allows you to control many more aspects of the operation than manual systems.

It's also much quieter than comparable manual systems. It's often no louder than the typical office environment.

Space savings vs. manual storage can be significant. The footprint of the system vs. that of a comparable manual system reduces floor space and utilizes the vertical cube more effectively. This efficient use of space does much more than simply creating new floor areas -- it also reduces complications, allows for easier expansion, and utilizes existing climate control resources rather than building new.

Automatic storage and retrieval machines are an important component of a cost-effective logistics chain

Anywhere optimized warehousing with quick transport of material and short access times is required, we offer innovative Muratec storage and retrieval machines that are based on customer requirements and bring economic warehousing to perfection.

Coordinated technology is the key to ideal solutions. Storage and retrieval machines transfer goods to and from the adjacent-components of storage racks and material flow conveyor systems matched to the situation. Whether you need a short-term buffer with sequencing and high throughput, a warehouse solely used to supply and stock raw material or finished products, or a buffer between the individual steps of production, we can help you identify your need and find technologies to match it.

Storage and retrieval machines adjust to your individual requirements

  • Adjustment to your storage aid by means of dedicated load acceptance devices
  • Good utilization of space due to low travel limits
  • Optimized handling capacity by means of adjusted dynamics and diversity of drives
  • Maintenance friendly through use of premium, proved and tested machine components
  • Smooth transport and short assembly times due to compact components and pre-commissioned storage and retrieval machines

Muratec system types

Pallet AS/ RS PC series: flexibility for multiple industries

This is a standard pallet handling AS/RS, deployed in a broad variety of industries and applications. It's rated for pallet sizes and typical weights (contact us for very heavy loads). The system's height can range from approximately 13 to over 98 feet. For low rise heavyweight systems with higher capacities, systems can be installed up to 59 feet.

This picking system is constructed by using real time updates of storage/retrieval records. It can be managed by control computers, with comprehensive control of peripheral equipment and WMS integration.

It can be configured for first-in/first-out, order of freshness, and other inventory management concepts through the AS/RS. Picking stations are provided at the retrieval home position and rack back side for optimized access to completed picks.

Pallet AS/RS PX series for high-capacity, high-throughput applications

The PX series features high density, fast throughput, and heavy capacity capabilities. Its longer travel capabilities, and exceptional hoist and hook speeds are industry leaders for high rotation and extremely precise applications.

The high-speed stacker crane
  • Traveling speed: 787 FPM
  • Hoisting speed: 410 FPM
  • Fork speed: 246 FPM

Its high throughput ratings reduce cycle times for distribution center applications. Fully automatic systems can be integrated with production lines for comprehensive automation. These systems can be installed into a new building or fully integrated into a rack supported building structure.

Pallet AS/RS SH series for large-volume, high-density loads up to three tons

These systems are rated for very heavy unit loads, and can be installed up to 131 feet high to use the full vertical cube. They are most suitable for larger volumes and demanding space applications. Twin fork and double reach access devices are standard with these systems. If used in a building-integrated structure, there is virtually no wasted space.

More AS/RS types:

Unit Load Pallet Handling System
  • Hazardous materials ASRS: These systems are finished and configured to handle loads in the petrochemical, biomedical, fire danger/anti-explosion, and other industries where dynamic storage is needed. They are help protect workers by minimizing handling of these dangerous materials. They can handle both combustible solids and flammable liquids, as well as other potentially dangerous loads.
  • Freezer/refrigeration AS/RS: Space is particularly important in cold storage applications. These systems reliably perform in temperatures as low as -30 degrees to help deliver fast throughput and help maintain product freshness in distribution applications. Includes a heat-insulative automated doors controlled with an interlock. This helps keep workers out of harsh, cold areas and retains more of the expensive climate. Part of an ideal 'cold chain' supply system.
  • ASRS for long and heavy goods: These systems are ideal for difficult loads such as sheet metal, wood processing, heavy production sites, and roll storage facilities. These difficult loads can be better managed through automated, high-density storage systems, with load limits up to five tons.
  • "Case" systems for buckets and cartons: The UX series assists in buckets and variable carton applications. It's used of picking and shipping applications for precise, fast product delivery. Utilizes free size type to handle varying loads.

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