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You're expected to implement improvements in less time and at lower cost than ever.  With Cisco-Eagle, implementations that used to take months can now take weeks - or less.

The end result is faster return on investment

We integrate material handling systems, automation system technologies, and OEM equipment to meet client needs - everything from small conveyor systems to highly automated storage & retrieval systems. We help customers gain complete control of, and visibility into material handling systems. Additionally, reliable, modular control options are also available off-the-shelf that require minimal configuration.

In the future, most systems will be controlled in this way, but you can enjoy these advantages today.

Pre-engineered & custom technology control systems save time and money, and increase efficiency through:

  • Hardware cost reduction
  • Design time and design cost reductions
  • Faster installation time, and reduced implementation costs
  • Troubleshooting that is dramatically reduced
  • Multiple network configurations
  • Managing process information in real time
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities
  • Excellent flexibility for expansion or changing requirements


Turnkey Controls Experience: Successful material handling system implementations require integrating a wide variety of technologies that work in harmony to achieve high productivity levels. Our Controls Technology Group provides a complete range of services required to help your material handling controls projects achieve your goals.

Open Architecture: We utilize open, non-proprietary programs and components. This provides our customers with reliable standards which minimize the initial investment, maximize uptime, and allow the flexibility for upgrades and support.

Non-Proprietary Equipment: We help you take advantage of reliable, cost-effective, commercially available components and programming architectures.

Remote Diagnostics: Remotely monitor your key system performance parameters to ensure operational excellence. Our systems support remote connections via dial up modems or internet connections and can operate within your network security environment.

PC/PLC Based Systems: Utilize PC and PLC based control systems as needed. Our system architecture use of standard logic results in highly reliable solutions, quick implementations, and staying within budget.

WMS and ERP Integration: Systems are interfaced within a wide variety of WMS and ERP systems across many industries. Standard interface protocols efficiently pass data between our controls environment and the host system.

Design Flexibility, Scalability: Modular design components and architectures make expansions & reconfigurations quick and easy.

Human Machine Interface (HMI): Real time, easy-to-use, graphical interfaces between material handling equipment and control systems that allow operators to easily monitor the
system's operation. HMI can offer a visual map of the facility, including all operations, in order to track, diagnose, and deal with problems either before they arise or at the point of malfunction.


We offer multiple levels of system support, including Modem/VPN access, Web-Based Video Monitoring, Cellular/PDA Alerts, Scheduled/Preventative Maintenance, Support Contracts/Services, Spare Parts, Modifications, Upgrades, Consulting, and System training, as well as documentation, programs and system-specific manuals.

Broad Industry Experience

We have experience across a wide array of industries and applications. Noteworthy applications include conveyor systems, high speed sortation, packaging equipment, automated storage and retrieval, carousels, weighing/cubing systems, manifesting
systems, printing & labeling systems, RFID integration, RF systems, palletizers, robotics, and AGV's.