Industrial Carousel Systems

High density storage and retrieval for order picking, assembly, and more

Vertical Carousel for order picking system

Carousels help you pick orders faster, more accurately

Carousels are one of the fastest, most efficient technologies available for picking, packing and order fulfillment operations. These high-density storage devices save space and increase productivity by bringing parts and components to the order picker or assembly worker. Carousels enhance product storage density, security, and picking throughput. We can help you specify exactly the right high-density carousel system for your operation.

  • Vertical Lift Modules

    VLM's are fully automated vertical storage/retrieval systems that can enhance picking speed, accuracy, and security while saving space by utilizing the full vertical cube.
  • Automated Vertical Carousels

    Rotating shelves that move up or down in response to your commands, delivering items to you at an ergonomically safe and convenient access window. Popular for order picking, space savings, and higher security applications.
  • Horizontal Carousels

    These carousels consist of horizontally rotating shelves that move at your command, delivering items to pickers and assembly employees. These systems increase order-picking throughput significantly vs. traditional methods.
  • Controls & Software Systems

    Carousels are made more efficient by customized software and controls. These systems help optimize space and labor throughout your enterprise.