How to Start your Palletizer Project

Selecting the correct palletizing technology is depends on your material handling system requirements

Start with a couple of key questions:

  • What is the targeted number of cases and layers per minute?
  • What pallet pattern(s) are preferred?

The answers will begin to point you in the right direction. Again, if you determine that the number of layers per minute is over three or four, then more than likely a high level, layer forming palletizer could be the right choice.

robotic arm palletizer

Next, look at the load you're palletizing

If you are dealing with drums, pails, cans and other difficult to handle containers, particularly those that require nesting or interlocking layers with separation, then a robotic unit is probably appropriate. If your product needs to be compressed or tightened after each layer is added, then a layer forming palletizer is likely appropriate choice. A good example might be bags.

The next step is to consider the height and weight

If the weight of one layer is substantial, over 500 pounds, then a high level palletizer may emerge as the preferred choice.

Determine the number of lines being fed to the system:

Robotic palletizers perform well in moderate speed applications with up to three or four lines. Gantry and overhead systems are well-suited for more than four lines at slower speeds.

Space considerations

You will require sufficient floor space to accommodate the optimum choice in palletizers. Additionally, access can be an issue. What is the size of the door or opening into the palletizer area? We have seen instances where the cost of modifying a door or creating an opening for installation purposes became substantial. You'll need a full understanding of these facility, space, and environmental issues as you move forward in the process.

More information and resources

Clearly a number of additional factors come into play when assessing which technology is most appropriate, or, if a palletizer provides an acceptable return on investment. We have tried to simplify the process by providing online resources and tools, and also an experienced systems design team. These will assist you in determining:

  • Which technology might be appropriate
  • Why
  • A cost estimate
  • What to expect in system performance

If you would like for us to contact you regarding a specific application, simply click on the link below to complete and submit the palletizer application form, and you will be contacted by one of our systems design associates.

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