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Position pallet loads at the right height for more ergonomic and faster load & unload

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Heavy Duty Scissor Lift
Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Ergonomic advantages help make the work lighter and quicker

Because of the ability to quickly vary the work height of a scissor lift, you are able to load and unload goods at a height that eliminates the need for bending or stooping in order to move the goods off the lift. Most lifts have a foot pedal that when pressed will raise or lower the lift table height. This type scissor lift is generally a pneumatic lift. Hydraulic scissor lifts are strong enough to move bulky goods from one level to another and will have capacities from 500 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. depending on the lift you choose.

Scissor lifts can self-adjust heights

Engineers have found many ways to use scissor lift technology to allow lifts to be self-leveling as weight is added or removed from the lift. Some use air bladders that use compressed air to balance the weight of the load as it changes. Others use a spring system that responds to the changes in weight. These scissor lifts make loading and unloading much easier because no manual adjustments need to be made as the load changes.

Cisco-Eagle helps you find the right solution

Our people work carefully with lift manufacturers to make sure they have all the information they need and clearly understand the requirements of the equipment. This allows us to offer custom solutions as well as "off the shelf" options.

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