Alert Safety Products

Enhance safety with traffic sensors

Makers of sensor systems that utilize microwave technology to detect vehicles moving away from a location, Alert Safety Products helps improve safety in your facility. From load range finders to crane movement detection, these systems build worker trust because they only trigger when industrial vehicles are moving toward the sensor, not away, meaning that workers stay alert for oncoming vehicles instead of getting de-sensitized to 'false' alarms.

Product Diagrams & Installation information

icon Small Dome Mirror w/ Arrow Diagram ArrowAlert-diagram.pdf 325 KB
icon Cross Traffic Sensor System Diagram Bi-directionalWorker-diagram.pdf 409 KB
icon LED Caution Sign & Sensors System CautionAlert-diagram.pdf 328 KB
icon Convex Mirror Sensor System Diagram ConvexMirror-diagram.pdf 437 KB
icon Crane Sensor System Diagram CraneAlert-diagram.pdf 329 KB
icon Single Sensor & Strobe System Diagram Directional-Worker-Alert-diagram.pdf 223 KB
icon Dock Traffic Sensor System Diagram DockAlert-diagram.pdf 811 KB
icon Dome Mirror w/ Caution Diagram DomeMirror-diagram.pdf 313 KB
icon Speed Control System Diagram LimitAlert-diagram.pdf 310 KB
icon Mast Alignment Sensor Diagram MastAlert-diagram.pdf 420 KB
icon Doorway/Entry Sensor Diagram OfficeAlert-diagram.pdf 319 KB
icon Small Door/Entry Sensor Diagram OfficeAlert-small-diagram.pdf 345 KB
icon Range Finder Diagram RangeAlert-diagram.pdf 529 KB
icon Zone Sensor Diagram ZoneAlert-diagram.pdf 409 KB
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