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Modular buildings, in-plant offices, booths, partition and wall systems documents & specs

When unexpected changes in business create new demands for in-plant space utilization, modular buildings give you unlimited flexibility in responding quickly - and for much less cost than possible with buildings made from conventional construction. Modular buildings can be accessorized to fit virtually every need--including sound, thermal and fire insulation; unique electrical and lighting specifications; and aesthetic requirements.

PortaFab Documents

icon Modular Building Advantages Advantages-Benefits-Brochure.pdf 74 KB
icon Cleanroom Systems Brochure Cleanroom-Brochure.pdf 1008 KB
icon Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Systems Cleanroom-PharmaSystem-Brochure.pdf 626 KB
icon Fabline System Ceiling Grids FabLine-Ceiling-Grid-Specs.pdf 51 KB
icon Fabline System Cleanroom Walls FabLine-Cleanroom-Walls-Catalog.pdf 2421 KB
icon FabLine Systems Catalog Fabline-Catalog-Espanol.pdf 841 KB
icon In Plant Office Catalog (English) In-Plant-Office-Catalog-English.pdf 6091 KB
icon In Plant Office Catalog (Espanol) In-Plant-Office-Catalog-Espanol.pdf 1847 KB
icon Connection Installation Install-floor-ceiling-wall.pdf 33 KB
icon Modular Building Wiring Components Modular-Building_Wiring.pdf 1292 KB
icon OmniFlex 300 Modular Building Brochure OmniFlex300-Brochure.pdf 4077 KB
icon OmniFlex 300 Installation Brochure (Espanol) OmniFlex300-installation-Espanol.pdf 1536 KB
icon OmniFlex 300 Installation Brochure (English) Omniflex300-Installation-English.pdf 1564 KB
icon PortaMax Extra Tall Wall Systems Brochure PortaMax-Brochure.pdf 2286 KB
icon Roof & Ceiling Options Roof-Ceiling-Options.pdf 79 KB
icon Security Booths Security-Booths-Buildings.pdf 1596 KB
icon Series 300 Loadbearing Modular Buildings Series-300-Modular-Buildings.pdf 3342 KB
icon Smoking Shelters Brochure Smoking-Shelters-Brochure.pdf 1780 KB
icon SteelSpan Modular Wall Systems SteelSpan-Wall-Systems.pdf 3252 KB
icon Solid Wall Partitions Brochure Wall-Partitions.pdf 782 KB
icon Modular Building Windows Windows-Brochure.pdf 751 KB