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Cisco-Eagle works with many of the area's top companies to create efficient conveyor systems. These clients include such as QuikTrip, Whirlpool, Baker-Hughes, BizJet, Georgia Pacific, Carlisle, and many more. Utilize our expert engineers, designers, and sales associates to help you specify exactly the right conveyor solution for your application. We integrate conveyors with processing equipment, robotics, production equipment, vertical lifts, and other machinery.

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Learn more about conveyor systems from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Conveyor Systems

    With our history of satisfied clients, you can count on our ability to serve your needs now and tomorrow. We routinely help Oklahoma customers define their layouts, equipment needs, and schedules for the best possible application.
  • Belt Conveyors

    We provide conveyor belt systems to a wide range of manufacturing and warehousing operations.
  • Live Roller Conveyors

    Power roller systems can support a variety of applications. We provide various power and drive options, including 24-volt systems.
  • Conveyor Maintenance

    We offer comprehensive conveyor service and maintenance to customers in Oklahoma. We cover all areas of Oklahoma for conveyor service and maintenance, including emergency 24/7 services.
  • Sortation Conveyor Systems

    Sortation Conveyors divert a product from one conveyor line to another. By using controls and multiple sortation conveyors, product can be sorted by diverting the product only to the appropriate conveyor.
  • Accumulation Conveyors

    Accumulating conveyor systems help you control product on the conveyor until it’s ready to move. It’s used to feed loads to machinery, to scanners/readers, or to alternative lines.
  • Gravity Conveyors

    Gravity conveyors work either with power conveyors, or independently for many applications.
  • Incline Conveyors

    Incline conveyors are ideal for moving product level-to-level. Applications include mezzanines, elevated conveyors, etc.
  • Custom and Specialized Conveyors

    We help Oklahoma companies design and implement specialized conveyors and conveyor accessories to fit their needs.
  • Flexible, Expandable Conveyors

    When you need conveyor on a situational basis, flexible conveyors that extend and retract to meet your needs are an excellent choice.
  • Pallet Conveyors

    Move loaded pallets between work zones, loading areas, and palletizing operations.
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