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Steel King Rack Application
Steel King Rack Application

Pallet rack offers your warehouse greater storage capacity and efficiency as you move storage upward into the vertical space of the warehouse. Whether choosing bolt-less selective, bolt-up structural, drive-in, or pallet flow rack, Cisco-Eagle offers rack with special features that enhance the storage capabilities and effectiveness of your storage operations. We can help you make the most of the space you have and save you the cost and inconvenience of adding onto your facility or relocating to a larger space. Give Cisco-Eagle a call. We'll come out, do a walk-through to see what systems you have in place, and then offer ideas to relieve the pain of too little space and too much going on.

Browse Cisco-Eagle's variety of pallet rack at:

        • Pallet Rack Systems

          Learn about types of pallet rack systems, their configurations and flow cycles before you make a choice.
        • Steel King SK2000 Selective Racks

          This bolt-less storage rack uses a tear-drop assembly structure with square tubular steel uprights for greater strength and load bearing qualities than standard tear-drop pallet rack.
        • Unarco Pallet Rack

          Offering an interchangeable tear-drop rack design, Unarco's pallet rack is made of roll-form steel with tear-drop keyholes and special gravity-lock beam connectors.
        • Steel King Seismic Rack

          Made for highly active seismic zones, Steel King's Seismic Rack helps prevent rack failure in seismic events by using larger base plates, special beam clips and tubular beam construction.
        • Structural Racks

          Structural rack is a bolt-up rack system that provides greater strength, load bearing capacity, and durability than roll-form pallet rack
        • Mecalux Pallet Rack

          A universal bolt-less pallet rack system with tear drop keyholes for sure connections and stability.
        • Drive-In Rack

          Access pallets at the back of the rack column with a forklift by driving into the pallet bays to retrieve goods. Full height access is available working from bottom to top of stored goods.
        • Horizontal Pallet Flow Lanes

          All the advantages of flow rack without the need to incline the flow rail, this rail track has cleats that grab into pallets for a positive grip forward and back. Pallets are always at the pick face.
        • Drive-Through Racks

          Increase storage density with drive-through rack which allows pick and put from both ends of the pallet lane, reducing the number of aisles needed on the storage floor.
        • Pushback Rack

          Store 2-5 pallets deep, reducing the number of aisles required while offering greater selectivity than drive-in rack.
        • Pallet Flow Rack

          Use gravity flow to continuously bring pallets to the pick face while providing inventory rotation with first-in, first-out storage.
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