Pallet Racks - Selective, Seismic, Pushback & Drive-Through & More for Houston Warehousing & Manufacturing

There are many ways to store pallets, we can design and install the right storage solution for you

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Pallet rack storage can be as simple as two uprights and some beams and while that may be the ideal setup for storing a couple pallets, most operations require a bit more. Cisco-Eagle has been designing and installing pallet rack systems in the Houston area for decades. We provide highly efficient pallet storage and inventory rotation solutions including push-back, gravity flow and drive-in racks that maximize the square footage of your facility.

Pallet racks from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Steel King Tubular Rack

    We stock the most common sizes of SK2000 teardrop style rack in our Dallas warehouse for quick shipping. Combine starter and adder sections to complete rows of pallet storage.
  • Unarco Pallet Rack

    As manufacturer who has been making pallet rack since the early 1950's, Unarco rack uses roll-formed steel and uprights with miter cut cross bracing for strength and rigidity.
  • Mecalux Pallet Rack

    Rack uses an open-back style upright with bolt together cross braces and foot plates. Available in complete starter & adder configurations or combine beams and uprights to create your own.
  • Structural Pallet Rack

    Constructed of hot rolled steel to protect against harsh environments like those found in freezers, coolers, fabrication areas and outdoors. Beams wrap around the front of the upright and bolt on using grade-5 bolts and nuts.
  • Drive-in Racks

    Stores up to 75% more pallets versus conventional pallet rack by removing aisles between rows. All pallets are accessed from one side and are placed on a rail system for last-in, first-out storage.
  • Drive-Through Racks

    Similar to drive-in racks, however pallets in drive-through systems can be accessed from both sides of the rack.
  • Pallet Flow Rack

    A first-in, first-out storage and inventory rotation solution for pallets. New inventory is loaded from the back and flow to the front on rollers or skatewheels to be picked up.
  • Pushback Rack

    Pallets are loaded from the front of the rack onto nested carts. When new pallets are loaded, existing pallets are pushed back further into the rack. Carts roll forward as pallets are removed.
  • Over-the-Dock Pallet Rack

    With different mounting options available, these racks take advantage of unused space above dock doors.
  • Pallet Rack Accessories

    Wire decking, upright post protection, pallet supports, bumper guards, safety nets, row spacers and more.