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Cisco-Eagle can help you reduce operating costs with robotics and automation

We help clarify the pros and cons of various automation and robotic options available to you. We also work closely with makers of automatic and robotic equipment to be able to offer you the best solutions for your picking, packing and assembly tasks. Our engineering group develops well integrated systems that take you smoothly from slower, manual processes to faster, more accurate automated solutions cost effectively.

Call today or submit the form to the right to get the ball rolling. We'll do a site survey and help you work through the process of adding automation.

Take a look at some of our ideas

  • Robotic Palletizing Systems

    Robotic palletizing not only makes the palletizing process faster, but you also get more stable loads and reduce safety issues around worker injury from lifting and loading heavy materials
  • Robotic Picking Systems

    Utilizing robotic picking increases throughput, improves safety and helps reduce ergonomic injuries with repetitive motion
  • Automated Packing Robots

    Reduce errors, increase packing speeds and relieve workers from ergonomically unsafe tasks by automating your packing operations
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval (AS/RS) Systems

    Automated storage and retrieval is a great way to improve put & pick operations as well as speed those actions along through integration with your WMS and data driven storage instructions
  • Automated Conveyor Systems: Sortation, Integration

    Improve product flow and destination accuracy with automated conveyor sortation and integration (merge) equipment that also improves throughput and reduces errors
  • Pick Modules

    Automating your pick system means improved product flow and throughput, plus the benefit of high-density storage
  • Light-Directed Picking Systems

    Let light guide pick workers to the correct pull item for increased accuracy and pick rates whether working in shelves, rack or bulk storage
  • Industrial Carousel Systems

    Improve storage density, improve pick rates and accuracy while saving valuable floor space by adding an industrial carousel system to your operations
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