Wildeck Literature & Specs

Mezzanines, safety gates, guard rails, and more

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This page provides literature, specs, and other downloadable information for many Wildeck products.

Wildeck is a premier manufacturer of space enhancement, material handling, safety and environmental products that help you operate your warehouse, manufacturing, commercial facility, or military installation better. Wildeck is a major manufacturer of structural mezzanines and vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC's), as well as guard rails, and innovative safety products such as loading dock safety gates, mezzanine safety gates, mezzanine ladders, and more.

Wildeck Mezzanines - Specs and Literature

icon Beam & Bar Joist Mezzanine Specs Beam-Bar-Specs.pdf 236 KB
icon Beam & Beam Mezzanine Specs Beam-Beam-Specs.pdf 160 KB
icon Beam & C-Section Mezzanine Specs Beam-C-Specs.pdf 161 KB
icon "C" Section Mezzanine Specs C-Section-Specs.pdf 223 KB
icon Resin Decking Brochure Resin-Deck-Brochure.pdf 403 KB
icon Truss Girder & Bar Joist Mezzanine Specs Truss-Bar-Specs.pdf 260 KB
icon Wildeck Paint Colors Wildeck-Paint-Colors.pdf 255 KB

Wildeck Mezzanine Safety Gates

icon Lift Out Mezzanine Gates Sheet Lift-Out-Gates.pdf 402 KB
icon Mezzanine Safety Gate Installation Mezz-Safety-Gate-Install.pdf 661 KB
icon Pivot Safety Gate Sheet Pivot-Safety-Gates.pdf 1051 KB
icon Slide Out Mezzanine Gate Sheet Slide-Gates.pdf 476 KB
icon Swinging Mezz Gate Sheet Swing-Gates.pdf 187 KB
icon Tilting Mezzanine Gates Tilt-Gates.pdf 182 KB
icon Double-Drop Mezzanine Gate Sheet double-drop-gates.pdf 569 KB
icon Overhead Safety Gate Sheet overhead-safety-gate.pdf 781 KB

Wildeck: Dock safety gates, rails, and more

icon Dock Safety Gate Brochures Dock-Gates-Brochure.pdf 901 KB
icon Wildeck Full Brochure Full-Line-Brochure.pdf 8816 KB
icon Ladder Safety Gate Brochure Ladder-Gate-Brochure.pdf 923 KB
icon Rack Protector Brochure Rack-Protector-Brochure.pdf 420 KB

Wildeck: EdgeAlert Open Gate Alarm

icon EdgeAlert Spec Sheet EdgeAlert-Spec-Sheet.pdf 618 KB
icon EdgeAlert Manual Wildeck-EdgeAlert-Manual.pdf 810 KB