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Tulsa Cantilever Rack

From light-weight to heavy-duty, our cantilever rack offers plentiful storage space for bar stock and other long stock

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Series 60 Cantilever Rack
Series 60 Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is an excellent choice for long stock that would typically overhang on pallet rack. Cantilever rack is handy for restocking using a hoist or other lift equipment where bundles of long goods are being stored. The special arm brackets that extend from the column uprights are geared to varying capacities depending on which type cantilever you choose. Arm lengths also vary in how much stock they will carry. On many types, each arm has an upraised tip to retain stock on the arm and prevent spills.

Browse Cisco-Eagle's variety of cantilever rack at:

        • Bar & Pipe Storage

          Bar & pipe rack is the best choice when storing bundles of bar stock and various pipe stock. Select from vertical, horizontal arm and horizontal grid storage systems.
        • Extra-light Cantilever Rack

          Cantilever rack for loads up to 250 lbs. per arm and total upright capacity of 3,500 lbs. (double column base). Includes 7 sets of arms.
        • Tulsa Light-Duty Cantilever Rack

          Light-duty cantilever rack for loads up to 500 lbs. per arm and total upright capacity of 7,000 lbs. (double column base).
        • Medium-Duty Cantilever Rack

          Medium duty cantilever rack has a capacity of 700-1000 lbs. per arm with choice of straight or inclined arms. Also choose from 4 arm lengths: 12", 16", 20", 24" long.
        • Heavy-Duty Cantilever Rack

          Heavy-duty cantilever rack has a capacity of 5,160 - 6,960 lb. for single column not including base. Double column capacity is 10,320 - 13,920 lbs. Choose from straight or inclined arms to organize and support your bar stock, pipe, heavy lumber and more.
        • Extra Heavy-Duty Cantilever Rack

          With a capacity of up to 6,600 lbs. per arm, this cantilever rack handles forklift loads of long stock materials. Overall capacities of 7,560 - 25,650 lbs. for single column not including base (15,120 - 52,600 lb. capacity for double column).
        • More Cantilever Rack

          For I-beam, additional heavy duty cantilever and furniture rack, go to this area.
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