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Darein - Cisco-Eagle CEO and Chairman of the Board

Automated handling systems can transform your business by slashing costs, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. We provide systems design, turnkey project management, and equipment specification for distribution, order fulfillment, manufacturing, military, and other operations.

Darein - Cisco-Eagle CEO and Chairman of the Board

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Warehousig Insight Blog posts

AGVs Implementation And Pathway Considerations

Adding AGVs to an operation is a great way to increase efficiency and productivity. One critical factor to consider is the pathways and aisle considerations AGVs and your human workers will share.

June Roundup: Warehousing, Manufacturing & Automation

A curated list of relevant articles for distribution, manufacturing, assembly and order fulfillment.

How to Reduce Conveyor Headaches, Repair Costs and Downtime

We interview Tim Harris, our North Texas Field Services Manager, on conveyor performance and maintenance - and how they can't be separated.

Pallet Rack Evaluation: Storage Density

Pallet rack systems can often be evaluated and modified to provide more pallet positions. Read our guide to space evaluation for details, tips and ideas.

Systems Integration Group

Systems Integration Group

Count on our Systems Integration Group to help get your complex projects right. High-performing conveyor, storage and automated systems should be designed for today—and tomorrow, and scale with your needs. Our exceptionally talented designers and project managers—with centuries of cumulative experience—will help you succeed.


Safety Automation Group

safety automation group

Count on our Safety Team—unique in the industry—to help you create a safer working environment. Reduce forklift-pedestrian accidents, falls, poor ergonomics and other common issues in your plant with little or no impact on productivity and an eye toward future growth and scalability in a consultative, effective manner.


Field Services

service and maintenance

Count on our Field Services team to help ensure that your equipment stays online and gives you peak performance. Our service clients can call us 24/7 for fast action on critical equipment. We install, maintain and service conveyors, lifts, dock levelers and other critical plant equipment that keeps you up and running.


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