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Cisco-Eagle has a long history in conveyor sales, installation and service. For more than 40 years we've helped thousands of companies find the right systems they need to move materials through their facilities. Trust Cisco-Eagle to help you find conveyor solutions. We know conveyor!

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  • Conveyor Systems in Oklahoma

    Designing a complete conveyor system requires precise engineering and a keen understanding of how to move various materials through a facility. Cisco-Eagle can design a system for you.
  • Installation Services

    Not only can Cisco-Eagle design the right system for you, but also install and do all integration services needed.
  • Power Roller Conveyor

    Powered roller conveyor moves goods with a series of rollers driven by a motor to provide propulsion down the conveyor line. An excellent choice for cartons, bins, totes and large objects.
  • Power Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyors make a good choice for small parts, pieces and box conveyance because of the flat surface lacking any gaps that small items might fall through. Powered by electric motors, the belts are driven around spools and rollers to provide support.
  • Gravity Conveyor

    These roller conveyors operate through gravity feed. On a slight incline, boxes and packages gently roll downhill to additional conveyors, work stations or processes.
  • Flexible Roller Conveyor

    When you need to set up temporary conveyor lanes, use flexible roller conveyor. It has the capability to snake around objects, create curves and bends, to bring materials to the destination you desire.
  • Accumulation Conveyor

    Create gathering points in your conveyor run with accumulation conveyor. Using either low pressure or zero pressure, this conveyor brings goods into close proximity, aligns it and prepares it for additional processes.
  • Portable Conveyor

    Portable conveyor gives you the flexibility to set up loading/unloading points, delivery conveyance and other options in temporary conveyor. Set it up, move it where you need it.
  • Incline Conveyor

    Move goods from one level to another with incline conveyor. Our engineers will help you in determining the output height, angle of incline, and overall length. Get those goods up or down to make processes more efficient.
  • Sortation Conveyor

    Set trigger points and then let the conveyor send goods to various paths depending on bar code information, or other data on the goods. Sortation conveyor takes the tedious manual labor out of the process and frees up workers for higher value tasks.
  • Pipe Handling Conveyor

    Pipe handling conveyor helps deliver pipe and tubing goods from storage to process points, minimizing the manual handling that needs to be done, and adding to safety by reducing the risk for injury.
  • Conveyor Parts & Motors

    Find here replacement parts, motors and brakes, and components like barcode readers. Keep your conveyor system up and running by keeping parts on hand and ready.
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