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aislecop forklift safety system

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Safety throughout your facility

Forklift-Pedestrian safety: We are a leader when it comes to making people safer around forklifts, which account for 1% of industrial facility accidents, but an incredible 10% of all injuries in the space. We help companies nationwide to create better, more reliable safety for drivers and pedestrians in industrial spaces. See our Step-by-Step guide to forklift-pedestrian safety and much more on our blog.

Racks and storage: Cisco-Eagle specializes in rack and warehouse storage, including safer operations. This includes rack netting, safety straps and wire panels that help reduce fall risks and damage. We're adept at applying these solutions to the right area, right rack type and in the right places. We also supply an array of guards that help reduce damage to your racks, including end guards, upright protectors and more. See our Warehousing Insights blog for helpful advice to keep your employees safe while they work on or around your racks.

Conveyor safety: We are a premier conveyor systems integrator, and help companies provide conveyors that operate safer. We offer a broad array of products and advice that reduce risks for people who pick from or assemble on conveyors. See our Warehousing Insights Conveyor section for many informative tips on keeping your people safe around conveyors. Our work with many companies has resulted in the creation of our industry-recognized guide to conveyor safety.

Safer, more comfortable, more ergonomic and more productive operations

Cisco-Eagle has a broad range of safety systems and products that assist companies who want to operate safer. Our exclusive AisleCop® forklift safety system helps manage dangerous intersections, blind crossing points and other hazardous zones where people and forklifts interact. We also specialize in guardrail systems that segment people from forklifts with safe, reliable barriers. In storage areas, we are a leader in rack systems that reduce fall and collapse risks. We have cultivated a safety team that helps companies with innovative solutions ranging from layout consultation to warehouse sensors to warning systems and gates. Let us help you reduce risks without compromising efficiency.